March 26, 2010

Thinspiration & Playing Virtual Dress Up... again!

Currently my motivation to hit the gym and starve myself:

Victoria's Secret Models
Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel, Alessandra Ambrosio
(photo via BauerGriffin)

Seriously, I can't decide which girl is most gorgeous.  It is unfair to bless someone with such beauty and then leave people like me with manly hands, big feet, excessive muffin top, lopsided breasts, uneven ears, huge pores, without an upper lip when I smile and oversized cheeks.  SO unfair!

Seeing this picture and others of women this pretty makes me want to throw in the gym towel (forever) and indulge in a cupcake or four... maybe with ice-cream on the side.  Arghhhhh!

Just kidding.  I am going to use them as my motivation.  I don't think it is possible for a body type like mine to be this thin.... but how I wish!

My other motivation?  I want to be one of those girls who can wear a skin tight dress that fits like a glove and look flawless without a bulge hanging off in the wrong place.  Perhaps a simple dress like this:
(Though I wouldn't say that its the nicest dress ever, it seems to be a very form fitting dress 
and if you've got the right body to put in it, then its simple and sexy.)

For now, I have to stick with these type of dresses with lots of loose fabrics to hide my bulges.  This one in particular looks... fun.  If it was in white, you can probably pull it off for a toga party!  :D

I ADORE this dress!  You probably can't tell in this picture, but it is a sequined silk-chiffon dress.  I know that its simple and you can probably find something similar elsewhere for a fraction of the price, but I was on the website earlier and am so intrigued by the details of the dress.  Ahhhh... I want, gimme gimme!

Its official.  I DO have a jacket/coat/trench obsession.  BUT... look how chic this is!  I can already think of 8363974 different things to wear it with!  Again, I am so in like with the details!  Ahhhh... I really do need to win the lottery... quick!

Okay I think that is enough of me playing Virtual Dress Up for the day!  I think I'm going to start calling it that and giving it its own category on my blog because I do it often and its just so much fun.  Of course, I can't afford these pieces in real life, but there is nothing wrong with playing pretend, right?


  1. haha I love this post well the clothes part.. don't down talk your body love!!! If there is something you don't like, work on it, change it but know your body and you are beautiful you don't need to look like those models or anyone else you are you and that's beautiful ;)

  2. You are so sweet! Hehe... I try to give myself "tough love" so that way, I will push myself to do something about it. ;)

  3. I love that sequined silk-chiffon dress!
    Haha, I've been getting back to working out too in time for bikini season.