March 24, 2010

Dreaming... Quadruplets!

Yesterday was Sam's day off.  FINALLY.  The sun was out and I wanted to explore a little bit.  One of his coworkers told me that I should check out Old Town Pasadena because its a fun place to roam around and hang out.  So, I dragged my loving Husband out of bed to bring me!  (Now I feel really bad because we are both sick... he is worse than I)

After an hour drive, I was sort of disappointed.  I had no idea it was a downtown area for SHOPPING.  When I hear "Old Town", I was thinking of a cool old town with historic buildings and such and a feast for my eyes.  Blah... oh well... lets make the best of it, right?  Y'alls know that I love to shop but feeling a little woozy and sick, I wasn't really in the mood.  We grabbed sushi and sake instead because we were sort of hungry.  Needless to say, we got a bit tipsy together from the sake.  Yeah... and I know that we're sick, I just thought that alcohol would kill the sick germs.  LOL.  On a full stomach now and still nearly two hours left in the parking meter, we shopped around a bit.  I like it when Sam brings me shopping when he is tipsy.  Because of that, I got three new jackets from H&M.  Thanks Baby!!  If you didn't already know, there's a sale going on.. $15 off jackets and blazers for men AND women.  Great deal, if you ask me... BUT it ends today so if you're reading this, hurry up and get to an H&M today!  Sucks that you can't shop online in USA though... sucks really bad.

Stuck in traffic on our way home, but decided to drive down to Santa Ana for groceries because I've been craving mangoes!  I was disappointed to see that they didn't have very many good ones left.  Hmph!  :(  Came home after grabbing some boba... and thats when it hit us that we were both getting sick... worse than earlier in the morning.  Boo!

Now... let me tell you about my dream!!

I dreamt that I was pregnant.  I was about 5 months along and then all of a sudden, I gave birth... to FOUR babies!  I had quadruplets!  They were 4 beautiful girls and for some reason, their names were, Lexie, Kenzie, Violet, and Iggy.  WTF and why they were their names, I don't know.  I think Lexie and Violet was because I was thinking about my cousin's daughter whose first name is Lexia, but we call her Lexie and the other side of her family calls her Violet, which is her middle name.  Also, because Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was on last night and one of the kids' names was Violet... the girl who turns violet.  LOL.  Kenzie probably because I love the name, "MacKenzie" and is the name I wanted to name my daughter whenever I have her.  Iggy... I don't know... but WTF, right?  LOL!  I woke up and told Sam... I think he's scared.  My poor Husband... he really wants a baby right now, but understands that I am not yet ready and would still like to do more before I have a baby.  :)  BUT... my dream was so real and it was such a long dream that I fell so much in love with my daughters and I miss them right now thinking about it.  I can't describe the feeling, but man... I can't wait to be a Mommy one day.  One day.

Now... I think I'm gonna go back to bed and let me head rest a bit.  I just wanted to share my dream because it is really making me smile right now.


  1. Dreams are cool because they have one foot in events that could or did happen, and the other foot in a timeline that is fantasy...

  2. Oh boy... or should I say girl!

  3. Violet, lexie, kenzie and iggy. Which one does not belong?=)

  4. LOL... I know, right? Where the heck did I get "Iggy" from? I woke up laughing at the thought of naming my daughter Iggy. I asked my Husband what he thought of the name, and I guess he didn't like it too much from the WTF look on his face. o_O

  5. Your blog is great!! Thanks for reading and following me, stay in touch!!


  6. awww...hoping you and pa'oun t'lai get well soon. XOXO

    being sick sucks...i just got over whatever funk i had.

    yay for new jackets...and super yay for them being on sale. too bad I don't have an H&M anywhere near me...but maybe that's a good thing.

    Maybe Iggy was short for something? or her nickname? Maybe she had a pretty long name - like Neak-neang-tep-thyda-chan-reaksmey...and ya'll decided to call her Iggy for short. Iggy's not that bad. the more you say it, the more it grows on you. It's cute in that "ummmm" sort of way.

  7. Oh - and just let it be known, when you do have a koun srey, I will be calling her Kmouy Iggy - just because :)

  8. Haha... Iggy, Iggy, Iggy!! Yeah.. its growing on me too! :P

  9. you know when i think old town, i think proctor district in tacoma or old tacoma... sort of by stadium... thats old town to me. boutiques. boutique mom and pop restaurants. boutique shops. boutique everything.

    get well NOW! drink lime juice with hot water. and sleep. thats all you need. sleep. it will do your body good.

    have you thought bout looking up your dreams? i tend to do that often. i always have funky dreams. most of the time dreams are just dreams... i like to look up and see what mine mean. its for our own personal entertainment but *i* think it has some underlying meaning =D im just silly like that!

  10. lmao...Iggy. That's one ugly name. :P
    Lexie and Violet are cute names. I think your dream is trying to tell you something??? ;)

    I can't wait to have a baby. I can think of so many girls names that i like: Bianca, Vianna, Mya (notice they all end in "a"). lol. I like Chloe and Leilani too but those are taken and Mya might be soon too...

    btw, i love H&M too!

  11. I used to ALWAYS look up my dreams! I was obsessed and even had a dream dictionary or two that I kept at my night stand! It got to a point where I became obsessed and sometimes paranoid of what each dream might mean. o_O I love dreaming though. I overanalyze everything... including dreams. This is probably not a good thing because I am already paranoid in real life as it is. LOL

    Sam and I laid in bed thinking of baby names for about two hours last night! LOL... it was fun, but we couldn't come to agree on names. I have a HUGE family and so many of the little kids already have every name known to mankind! Whatever though because I already made email addresses for my future kids, so blah to his choices! :P