March 9, 2010

Last week... through pictures!

Its been a long time!! Okay not really... its been three days, but thats a long time to me! :D Let me sort of tell you about my week through pictures (or try to at least)

Okay this was from last weekend, but here is Sam and I on our way to eat dinner with my Sister and her Boyfriend. It was this picture that made me realize how much my teeth have yellowed... I blame the coffee without the straws! My teeth are too sensitive to whiten at home... wahhh!

For a non-sushi buffet, this place had a great selection. Yummm... *licks lips at the thought of it* I love sushi... a little bit too much for my own good. Talk about carb overload. I blame my many weight gains on my love for sushi and rice. I can eat rice with anything! WHITE rice! I've given brown rice many tries and I can't seem to force myself to fall in love with it. Love cannot be forced... not even with food. (I can't believe I have to try to force myself to love any kind of food. Weird.)

One of the dinners we had last week... papaya salad. Yummm again! This could have been a little bit more spicy though. Living with Sam and eating with him every single day has heightened my tolerance for spicy foods. I love it! Fire in the hole though... haha! Sorry, TMI!

Just wanted to show you my mornings. Cereal w/ strawberries and on my laptop... literally. LOL. It can only keep me full for so long though. Its only a matter of minutes until I find my way back into the kitchen for other foods.

I thought about going back to post all the foods I've tried to cook in the past, but I said, nah... forget it. There are times when I cook better stuff but forget to take pictures. BLAH. BUT... here are some that I took recently.

One of the dinners last week. I made chicken fettuccine w/ homemade pesto sauce and turkey bacon wrapped asparagus. Can't wait to make it again because I loved it! OH... and I throw tomatoes on everything, so don't mind it. :)

An after work snack I made for Hubbs... calamari. So fattening... but we love calamari. OH... and I tried to replicate this "hot" sauce from this one restaurant and it wasn't exactly like theirs, but its pretty tasty. One day, I will patent it.

We don't have a fondue thingy... YET... but I made it work and it was delish! LOL. What I did was I boiled water in a small pot and this ceramic bowl fit perfectly over it and just melted one of my Ghiradelli chocolate bars in it and VOILA! Worked like a charm! Wish I had more fruits and marshmallows. Next time, I'm gonna try a cheese fondue! Wish me luck!

I think we were on our way to go shopping... not sure. BUT yeah... we did some damage at South Coast Plaza. I love that place... its not TOO overcrowded with teenagers (not when I went, anyway) and there are just so many things that I can't afford. Therefore, I wouldn't really spend that much or as much as I would like. Sam sort of splurged, but he really deserved it. I'm not so much in a shopping at the mall mood anymore because lets me be lazy and shop and find exactly what I want from so many different stores all at once. Love that thing! ;)

The last three pictures were from a restaurant that could possibly be my new favorite restaurant in So.Cal. Sam actually already requested to have his birthday dinner there this year. LOL! The ambiance was amazing and the customer service was incredible. I loooooved it. And surprisingly, its an Asian restaurant. The food was so delicious too! I need to yelp it... find it on there later, will yah?

Hot Pot Sunday lunch at home... I had to add my picture coaster in the picture, just because. LOL. We eat way too much for our own good. Oh well... we only live once, right?

Sunday... the day of the Oscars, I forced Sam to bring me hiking at Runyon Canyon. I've been wanting to check this place out in forever and I miss hiking! The hike itself was about 2 miles round trip, so it wasn't bad at all. Sam and I took about 45 minutes to hike it round trip, but it sure is a sweat buster. Sam sweated a gallon... at least.

The good ol' Hollywood sign. So many nice houses below that thing that I can only dream of being any closer to. *sigh*

Don't be fooled. The stairs didn't make the hike any easier. In fact, it made it harder (in my opinion). All I gotta say is that my buns better be steel after another hike at this place!

Its nothing like hiking in Washington since the whole trail is paved, it seems, but it was still a nice work out and worthwhile.

Helicopters were surrounding the Kodak theater. LOL... no wonder there weren't any celebrity sightings on this trail!

Okay... sick of my pictures yet? I'm just trying to clear up some pictures on my phone and getting it ready for the week back at home. Pictures of my kiddos... thats for sure! I'm sooooooooo excited, I can't hide it! My nephew called me the other day and asked me "how many more days is it going to be until you come home?" I told him, "three more days", and he goes, "Yayyyy!" That almost made me cry! Then I asked him if he had eaten yet... well, here is how the conversation went:

Auntie Thyda: Did you eat yet?
Nephew: Yes... I had spaghetti.
Auntie Thyda: Who made it?
Nephew: E-Peou (my sister, his other aunt)
Auntie Thyda: Was it good?
Nephew: Mmmm... yours is better.
Auntie Peou In The Background: EXCUUUUUSE ME?

LOL! That boy knows how to make my day... always! I can't wait to see him and have him hug me to sleep... he's the best at it! If I have a kid, I want him to have a heart just like my nephew, Justin. Words can't explain how much I love that kid.

So right now, I must clean up and start to pack for my 5 days back at home.

I hope everyone else has a great week and I think I might just come back on when I'm done to talk about my Alice in Wonderland experience yesterday. LOL



  1. oh thyda! take more photos. i love photo stories!

    when are you coming back again??

  2. Oh my gosh! You are the first person to ever encourage me to take pictures! LOL... I'm going home tomorrow to spend time with Family and to try on my Bridesmaids' dress for Jenn's wedding. Can't wait to see you next month! There is this Vietnamese restaurant you've gotta try!!

  3. Well... that's very interessting but frankly i have a hard time seeing it... I'm wondering what others have to say....

  4. Dear Anonymous.... hard time seeing what? You're wondering what others have to say about what? Heck... I wonder what others have to say too. About what, I don't know... I just wanna know. :)