March 18, 2010

Up in the air...

(via phone during my flight back to California yesterday)

A plastic cup of chardonnay... compliments of Horizon Air. I hate Horizon Air for the cramped airplanes but the complimentary select alcoholic beverages certainly makes up for it and makes the ride a little smoother. And if I happen to fall asleep from it, then it would make the ride shorter.

I am sitting here on the plane next to an older lady who is quietly enjoying her book. I want to give her a hug, but that would be too weird to hug a stranger on a plane. Why? Because the assholes sitting across the aisle from us deserve a smack upside their heads for believing that their days would be better and lives are more grand if they were to give others a miserable time... and actually acting on it. As I was boarding my plane, I saw the sadness in her eyes as the jerks laughed and made rude indirect comments about her weight. I saw that she was in my seat and I looked around to see if there was another seat available. There wasn't. I let her know quietly that she was in my seat and as she struggled to get up to let me through, the dimwits laughed and made absurd sounds... again, in mockery of her weight. I snapped a quick turn and gave them this look... a stare that without words, told them to shut the f*ck up. They turned it down a little and tried to contain their immature laugh. Even so, I know that my b*tch stare worked. Little did they know that if I could have, I would have taken off my belt and choked them with it. We are halfway through our ride now and they are drinking the complimentary beer. How I wish I can just pour it all over their heads.

Now, you might think what I just said was mean and harsh, but you'd have to admit... its well deserved. Who are you to judge and mock someone the way that they did? People are fighting battles every day. What it is, only they know... the story behind it all, that is. Why add fuel to a fire that is already burning someone's emotions? What are you benefiting from it?

The battle that the "jerks" are fighting, I don't know what it is... but I can tell you that making others feel bad about themselves is not going to help them win.

If I am sitting here typing a blog with my phone (too lazy to try to get my laptop from the overhead compartment), then it shows how upset I am.

Hypocritical of me to give them labels like "assholes", "jerks", and "dimwits", huh? Heck... what do I know? I am fighting my own personal battles and just trying to help one with hers... silently.


  1. Good job, honey! You took a stand for someone else.

  2. thank you in advance... I would have told them point blank F off... I am one of those over weight people that has trouble in my airline seat as well or a baseball game seat.. My weight issue is because of the many steriods I take do to breathing issues caused by cancer. I am not able to exercise cause of my lung issues and neuropathy in my feet.... Bully for you!

    Nobody would dare give me shit.. they have to face the end of my husbands fist...

    God Bless people like you in this world....



  3. i bet if you had a snowboard in your hand, you would've used it :)

    how absurdly immature for someone to laugh/mock someone for their weight....sad

  4. Thanks for reading, ladies. Sadly, this happens far too often... every day.

    I know a lady (whom I love VERY much... more than my life itself) that is overweight not by choice, but because of her health conditions, she has to be on so many different types of meds that causes her weight gain. Her Doctor tells her this himself, and there is not much that she can do about it. She tries to exercise, but it doesn't help much because she still has to take those meds to stay alive. There is much more to people than just their size... this Woman is the most amazing one I've ever known, and thats Mommy. I love her even after the day I die. :)

  5. People like this anger me so badly. And yet I don't say anything.

    The thing is, I have my prejudices, too, against larger Americans and children. It's not really fair when people who are larger, sit in these chairs, take up part of my own so that I'm scrunched up against the other chair, and then complain about the lack of snacks on the plane... If you're complaining, and you're taking part of my seat, you should be billed for a seat and a half.

    Then again, when people are picking on people who obviously are going through something, it's really, really offensive. Even though I have my prejudices, I keep my mouth shut out of respect to other passengers.

    There have been times, though, that I should have spoken out... a 400LB fellow passenger sitting in both my seat and hers, for a four hour flight? That is unacceptable for both me and her, especially when she had a bad attitude.

    Like you said, people are all going through something... and it is not up to us to judge. However, people, also, are all very intolerable to each other. It's a terrible dynamic.