March 26, 2010


Good Friday Morning!

First off, let me just say that I have the best followers and readers!  Thank you folks so much for commenting on my posts and making me feel like I'm not talking to myself afterall.  You make it fun to blog and always put a smile on my face and make my day.  I LOVE reading your blogs as well and through them, I feel like I am getting to know all of you... little by little and I enjoy it so much!  *hugs*

Speaking of getting to know each other, its funny that I was going to post this anyway... what a coincidence!  A few weeks ago when I went back home to WA, I brought my old photo albums and scrapbooks with me.  Its interesting to look at pictures that were printed out before digital cameras and social networking websites were accessible to everyone.  I got a bit nostalgic as I reminisced through each picture.  Ahhhh... good ol' times!  I wish I had a scanner to scan the pictures that I have left.  There was one sad day of my life that happened shortly after high school when my car was broken into and stolen.  My car(s) were stolen many times and I sort of got used to it, but one time, it really broke my heart.  All of my loved possessions were in there.. tons of my clothes and my hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars worth of makeup (I usually drive back and forth from my Parents' place to mine at the time and was usually too tired by the time I got home to unload everything out of the car back into my apartment and told myself that I'd wait until the next morning).  Most importantly, thousands of pictures in at least 5 photo albums and all of my yearbooks from middle and high school were in there.  :(  I had those photo albums and yearbooks in my car at the time because I was just bringing them from my Parents' place to mine that night.  There goes all of my beloved friends' and family's pictures that I couldn't recover because most of them were before the digital camera era and it would be impossible to go to each person and ask them for the negatives to the pictures that they have given me.  My classmates' pictures that were so precious because each person was only given 24 or so of their wallet sized pictures to give to those that they are closest to... me being one of the lucky ones.  Gone.  My precious yearbooks and all the memories written throughout the pages by friends and classmates... gone.  I cherished those years and those people and the friendships and the pictures were visual memories of all the good times we shared.  I was torn.  A huge lesson (never leave prized possessions in your car) learned but left me broken hearted.  *sigh*

There was ONE scrapbook that was saved (I already had it at my apartment at the time)... and it was my Personality Scrapbook that was a high school project for my Psychology class.  I go through it often because it had some pictures (definitely NOT all) from my younger years.  There's one portion of it where I had to ask 5 people to fill out a short personality survey that shows how they perceive me.  Its funny to read what they have to say... and it always makes me smile.

Ever wonder what people's first impression of you were?
I was shocked!  I didn't realize people THOUGHT I was mature, old, stuck up, and "weird"!  LOL... its good to know that their perceptions of me changed after getting to know me.  :)

Do you ever take the time to just sit back and reflect on your past?
When were your happiest moments and what are some of your favorite memories? 
Are you a dork like I am and enjoy going through old pictures and try to relive the moments?
Tell me more, tell me more!


  1. dorks are awesome!! i do the same but then get sad after because i wish i could go back. then i get angry because im crying haha

    I especially miss being a kid when getting dirty was okay, crying and whining in front of adults was an everyday thing haha, and not having to pay bills!

  2. Ahhhh... I miss being a kid too! I still cry and whine in front of adults (my Husband). OH... and YES to the not having to pay bills thing. Wouldn't that be nice?

  3. check out my blog.. and yours is awesome!

  4. even though it doesn't really matter, i think it's fun to know how others view me. There was an email chain awhile back, that said, respond to me with one word describing me....(or something like that).

    I got the usual: funny, sweet, smart, nice...all good. but one response from an acquaintance stuck - he replied with "Enchanting". I don't think i've ever been described as enchanting, nor would i ever describe myself as such.

    i look at old pics and try to relive the moment. where was i, what was i doing, how was I feeling? sadly, I can't always remember. must be my old age :)

    Happiest moments? spending precious time with family and friends. When I'm surrounded by them, it reminds me that I am unconditionally loved.
    More happy moments? vacationing with friends....Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Hawaii, Seattle, San Jose, Vegas - ahhhh so many more places to see and conquer together.....Yeah, hurry up and win the lottery so you can help fund the "Send Channy on tour" fund.

  5. You ARE enchanting, my love! Enchanting Channy!! :D

    Oh man... Tahoe was one of the coolest trips I've been on and I can never forget all the good times we had when you came to visit in Seattle. I love you and yes... I will send you on a tour when I hit the lottery AND I will buy you a bottle of Moscato! Now... thats a BIG deal, yanno!