March 25, 2010

Playing Virtual Dress Up...

Loving this dress right now and I can't finger point as to why, but I just think its pretty.  I wish I had some sort of semi-formal event I had to go to this weekend or next.  I know it looks sort of plain and my Husband would think that it looks "Granny-ish" as he does with most pieces I like, but what does he know about fashion anyway?

I am also loving the coral/salmon colors right now.  Maybe its Spring that got me infatuated with the color.  Just seeing the color brightens up my day and makes me HAPPY for some reason.  I love this dress... simple, yet elegant...
Now... where can I find a cheaper (MUCH cheaper) version of it?

I know you're probably thinking that I'm such a plain jane, right?  Well, if you are, then you're right.  I've tried to convince myself to like lots of patterns and graphics, but I can't.  I just can't.  I can't seem to pull myself away from my usual solid colors.  Is there a solid colors treatment somewhere?

OH... and look at this adorable jacket:
Lambskin leather... my fave!!  I have a jacket obsession, I think.  I am beginning to think that I like jackets more than I like purses and shoes.  How strange because I love purses and shoes a lot... so this ought to say something.  I've spent way more $$ on jackets than I have purses and shoes combined.  Speaking of, I still need to put one of my never worn Valentino pieces for sale.  I must have been drunk when I ordered it online one day.  Freakin' Intermix and their 14 days return policy.  Grrr... another reminder not to procrastinate, Thyda!

Speaking of procrastination, I better stop playing virtual dress up (though it is SO much fun) and actually do something productive for a change.  I got a response from one of the jobs that I applied to back in January (finally)... so wish me luck!  :D


  1. I'll cook the lamb, you can have the skin...

  2. Can I at least have a piece of the lamb too!?!? o_O

  3. That jacket is perfect. So Rick Owens. I want it. Except I can't in-conscious wear something made of lambskin. Maybe if it was lamb hair like angora, that's ok. But a lamb probably died for a lambskin jacket... And oiye, no.

    GOD, but look how awesome it is.

  4. Oh duh, it IS Rick Owens. HAHAHA!

    And that first dress is amazing. If only I could pull that off for my sister's wedding in a month and a half... but I bought something more delicate and subtle.


  5. speaking of clothing... i still need to model those undies for you =P

    good luck with that job!!!

  6. I loooove the jacket too, Maeko! Just think, "if I don't wear this, then thats a wasted lamb and the next person would wear it anyhow, so I might as well get dibs on it!" LOL

    Thanks Winniepedia (love calling you that) for the good luck's!

    TaDa... its not pink, its "salmon". LOL

  7. i love the first dress. i have one similar but in red. i also have a brown leather jacket similar to that white one...but it has more of a rugged look.

    i love jackets too...but i'm trying to buy more classic jackets now that i will wear often & will last a long time. i love purses too but all the ones i like are too expensive for me that i can't justify buying them so i make sure i buy the ones that go with almost everything i wear... i got in so much shit from my husband yesterday for bringing home 3 pairs of shoes and a purse. lol

  8. i heart both dresses!

    I went hunting for some work shoes - closed toed since I'm overdue for a pedi. it would've been cheaper to do the pedi, but shoe shopping is more fun.

    I ended up finding two pairs that I liked. They needed to come to a nice loving closet floor...i felt bad for them, sitting on the store shelf, in a box - with no one to put them to use. i found some flips flops that were 2/$20...and a pair of rain boots for the nephew. When i went up to the register, after she rang me up....i asked her if she would mind keeping the boxes. I just want the shoes. That way, I can throw them in the back of my car...and be like, "oh, i've had these...." LOL she kept the boxes :)

  9. Mrs. Julius... I can't justify buying the purses that I love either. Maybe I'll hit the lotto one day and I'll buy each one of you a purse of your choice! Puahahh... I'm gonna go buy a ticket today, so wish me luck! And tell your Husband that the shoes and the purse are investments to your happiness. He does want you happy, right? LOL... I always pull that card and often times, it works! :D

    Oh Channy... you always crack me up! I don't like people knowing that certain things are new either... I like saying, "oh... this ol' thang? I've had it for years!" I am in need of a pedi too... come do mine and I'll do yours! :)