March 27, 2010

The REALITY of My Life at the Moment

Can you believe that we are wrapping up the first quarter of the year already?  Again, where does the time even go?  I keep on thinking to myself that 2010 is a new year... but it hit me today that its not so new anymore.  In fact, its getting pretty old... 3 months old.   
How has the year treated you so far?

For me, its been... okay.  Yes... just okay.

The job searching continues and hearing/seeing the news about the job market everyday is sort of depressing.  If you're currently employed, then consider yourself lucky.  There are many people out there struggling and fighting for most any job that comes available on the market.  About 2,300 teachers and 600 nurses were pink slipped last week in California alone.  These are people who are educated, experienced, and devote their lives to better the community.  If this doesn't worry you, then I don't know what does.

It is easy to tell people "don't worry, things will get better" when you are not in their shoes.  How do we not worry?  How are you so sure that things will get better from the looks of where everything is headed right now?  Yes, its great to be optimistic, but you also have to be realistic.  Its wonderful to hope, but don't give false hopes to those who are struggling.  Having expectations will only set you up for disappointment... and with that, a sense of failure.

Don't assume that people are "lazy" or "unmotivated" unless you sit there next to them 24/7.  Job searching and applying can often be more work than someone who has work.  There are people who put in 12-16 hours of job searching and mass submitting their resumes in a day and still struggle to get one response by the end of the week.  I put in about 3-6 hours of job searching a day and am just now hearing back from an employer I contacted back in January.   I know that the hour count doesn't sound like a lot to you and you probably wonder what I am doing with the rest of my time, right?  Well, I can honestly say that I spend the other times balancing the internal depression by doing things that make me happier to keep me sane for the moment. 

"How can I be there for someone going through the same thing you are?" 
By being there for someone who is going through these hardships, you can just listen when they need to speak or vent.  Try to understand their situation and struggles without judgment or criticism with the "you should have...." and the "I told you so...".  OH... and if you do happen to ask someone about their progress and hearing that they are not doing so well, please refrain yourself from boasting about how awesome or fantabulous your life or career is at the moment.  We probably do want to hear about it and more than likely, we are HAPPY for you... really.  Its just a rub/smack in the face to those who are less fortunate in that area... no matter how unintentional it is.  I'm sure a lot of people understand this already, especially if they were ever on that short end of the stick.  But you'd be surprised at how inconsiderate and self-centered people can come across for saying these things.  I'm not saying that you have to mope and be depressed with the unemployed, but just take a moment to step into their shoes and try to empathize.  OH... and don't make a fuss about the bad coffee at your workplace or make it sound like being in a two hour long meeting is the end of your world because either way, its NOT the end of your world.  The person listening to you would feel privileged to have a place to call a workplace or have a meeting they must attend.  Again, empathize.

I don't know how others feel, but for me, I don't like to talk to others about the situation because it is depressing.  I am usually a happy person and I like to talk about the happier moments (hence the fact that I often reminisce of my past) and the other aspects in life that makes me happy.  Unemployment, job searching, the market are all depressing and trust me... it is constantly on my mind.  Its on my mind when it doesn't seem like it is.  Its on my mind even when I talk about unrelated topics.  Its on my mind when I shop.  Its on my mind with I am with my Family.  Its on my mind when I am with my Friends.  Its on my mind when I am alone.  Its on my mind when I eat.  Its on my mind when I shower.  Its on my mind when I blog.  Trust me... its on my mind.  Its on my mind so much that I just want a distraction or an escape from the reality of it all.  This is probably why I blog about other things that make me happy (family, friends, fashion, makeup, shopping, celebrities)... I just need something that will try to take my mind off from the depression I feel caused by this... even if its only for a few minutes or a couple hours of my day.


Now that I put it all out there and let you all know what I am going through at the moment, I hope you have a better understanding of me.  Those who know me personally can testify that I am a "bubbly" yet VERY emotional person.  I may seem happy at almost all times because I choose to be that way and I want to be just that... happy.  It is easy to put on a facade and try to convince others (and myself) that my head is always held high and my life is perfect... but I am not an actress.  I am vulnerable and I am fragile. 
Most importantly, I am REAL.


  1. I took early retirement, rather than watch old friends every week get fired or laid off..I don't know where you live, but Michigan has lost 1 million people in the past few years, due to manufacturing going overseas and automation...

  2. I dont' work.. but my husband is out looking to....... and this year has been good to me... good friends, a place to live, food to eat... yup I am good..

  3. Thyda, i'm sorry to hear that...didn't know you were going thru that...

    what kind of job are you searching for? i know how you feel, i was without a job a few months back and it was hard not to stress about it.

    I'm a realist (my husband tells me that all the time), i worry and always think the worst of husband is so opposite. He's a optimist and super positive about everything!

    All i can suggest is to keep trying and just remember that everything happens for a reason and everything will work out in the end. Thats what i always try to tell myself. :)

    keep your head up babe! :)

  4. stay positive and persevere, hunny. I know that it sucks. I've been without a job before. The emotions of job searching is emotionally draining. I signed up with a temp agency and they sent me to "day assignments." Have you looked into those? You're not guaranteed an assignment everyday, but maybe you can use that to get your foot in the door? Maybe they'll find you a temp to hire position?

  5. Thanks my loves! I'm glad I finally put this up here so that you guys know what else is on my mind besides the makeup, the shopping, and the occasional rants about my Husband and silly pictures. I am trying to stay positive and seeing your comments is pushing me towards that light... so thank you. *hugs*

    I have an interview this morning... so wish me luck! Again, thanks!!! :)