March 5, 2010

Foto Friday?


I know I neglected this blog (somewhat) awhile back and didn't really post TOO many pictures. Well, I'm going through Facebook and looking at my "tagged" pictures and reminiscing. Let me share some with y'alls. (Its Friday... FUN Foto Day, remember?)

Can you find my name?

And again here?

These T-Shirt pictures were posted by a childhood friend, Danny. He tagged us in these because they were from fourth grade and fifth! Instead of yearbooks (high schoolers), we had T-Shirts... and it was so cool! I wish I knew what happened to mine and still had them. I think my handwriting still looks the same. LOL! Ahhh... the memories!

From my 24th birthday... an 80's roller skating party. A lot of my friends thought I was joking when I wanted this party, but I wasn't. It was soooo much fun! I'm such a kid! :D

I wanted to take a picture of my hair before the commercial shoot. This was in the wardrobe trailer. SO much fun!

At Elisa's wedding with Sister of the Bride. LOL... can't wait to have lunch and catch up with this Woman next week! :D

The girls before Guppy's... how I miss that place and the popcorn chicken and the shaved ice and the brick toast. Oh boy... we need another night like this!

This picture just cracks me up... had to throw it in here. LMAO!
NOTE: I really do like broccoli, but that thing was coming at me fast!

Oh HALLOWEEN! I miss you already!

Its my birthday dinner, so we're allowed to be silly! o_O

New Years' Eve waiting for the Red Bull guy to jump his car over the ramp and water. One of the coolest things I've ever seen!

We hadn't messed with Photobooth in awhile here... just making sure it still worked! ;)

Showing my FISH EYE to Mikal's FISH EYE! LOL

The PARTY TRAIN... whooooooo! Miss them!

It was hard to smile normally... so I had to do what I do best (ruin pictures).

No, I'm not PREGGO... just finished with the buffet. What else is new?

Dancing in the water at XS with friends... some old, and some new we met that night... 10 seconds before this picture! LMAO!

Oh, the memories! Lets make more of it and cherish every moment of it, shall we?

I hope everyone has a great day... and weekend! YES!!!


  1. nice pictures.. have a great weekend

  2. Your face in most of these photos are just so priceless. I love your expressions! You are definitely an animated lady!


  3. Your face in most of these photos are just so priceless. I love your expressions! You are definitely an animated lady!


  4. Thyda - you're not normal...and I say that in the most loving way

  5. Channy - LOL... I've been told that, but I don't believe it. To me, I am normal and others are weird. If people aren't like me, then they are abnormal! Like you, you are soooo normal to me! LOL love yah!