March 4, 2010

What a MORNING its been already!

My Husband left his coffee at home today. I was in my pink striped pajama bottoms and his purple T-Shirt (I like wearing his clothes to sleep in) and flip flops... chasing another man who looked like my Hubbs down the street yelling at him to wait up. LMAO... I was totally embarrassed, but it really did look like a scene from a movie. I wish I can redo it all over exactly how it went and have someone record it. If ever I become a movie director (how cool), I am going to throw this scene in there just because. OH... and then on my way back to my apartment, this older man said 'Good Morning' to me and asked, "aren't you cold?". Yeah, I was... but whatever. Then about an hour after being back in my room, I realize that he probably asked that because I was in a T-Shirt... without a bra. o_O Next time, I'll grab a sweater quickly.

So now, I am enjoying his coffee like this:

Okay maybe not exactly like that, but its pretty neat, right? Thanks Betty! :D

Anyway... I still haven't picked up my panties yet because I didn't really want to leave the house. Today might be THE day.

I was going through some old pictures as I am working on building (if you haven't checked it, you should... and if you haven't subscribed or in Google's words, "followed" the blog yet, you also should. ), and I came across an old picture. Its pretty cool and it makes me itch for a photoshoot session.

How my Photographer did it, I don't know... but I really love it. :) I miss my good ol' photoshoot session days. I don't think I could ever have a real photoshoot with my Husband though because its just sort of weird. I can't stop myself from making faces at him, and he hates when I make faces at his camera. Eh... no fun! I don't know how to get serious around him. Weird, I know.

Speaking of photography, I think its such a good skill and talent to have. I have quite a bit of Photographer friends and all of their work is just amazing! I actually just featured one of them on Teedaloo! Check it out: Lok In The Moment at

Back to working... what I am working on? Who knows? BUT... I am and will be a busy bee!

Until next time,


  1. Oh my that pajama/coffee thing was funny... LOL ... hope you have a great night

  2. LOL thanks! I did! :) OH... and he didn't forget his coffee today! Thank goodness because my pajamas last night were socially unacceptable!

  3. LOL... That is a movie scene... and kind of rude in a away, don't you think? The way he called you out like that, which is a direct reference to his oggling your chest. GRODES, OLD MAN!