March 22, 2010

Breaking Out...

Since my trip to home in Washington, I've been breaking out.  WHY?  I have no idea.  :(

My Sister and I both have been breaking out (and we live in different states, if you are wondering).  We found our ways to Sephora because I originally wanted her to try:

I wasn't as impressed with it as I used to be, so then I tried asking one of the Sales Associates there what he recommended.  He gave his speech and seemed very passionate about this product:

My breakout's weren't too bad at the time, but my Sister got it and is going to try it.  I asked her the other day if she tried it yet, and she said NO.  Has anyone else tried it?  I want to try this line because from what I know, its all organic and highly recommended by the Associate (which by the way, was VERY helpful).  

I guess I might just go snag myself a bottle and give it a shot.  I'm starting to break out more than ever.  I wonder if its the heat and the sweat... or is it because of my Mother Nature's Monthly Gift is due.  Well, whichever it is, I hope it goes away.

Wish me luck!  OH... and I have another dentist appointment today, so wish me luck to that too!


  1. I have been having a lot of Adult Acne, and it's bothering me so bad.

    I use Neutrogena Fight and Fade 2% salicylic acid treatment gel. It's much cheaper than the big stores like Sephora, but I have heard good things about Boscia.

  2. Neutrogena is too strong for me. My skin's pretty sensitive.. I hate it.

    OH... and I called in sick to my appointment. (FYI for anyone wondering)

  3. i need to schedule a cleaning, but i need to make an emergency stop at the orthodontics since the bands of my power chain on my braces broke - i think due to my eating something I'm not supposed to be eating...question is - clean first, then fix the braces, or fix first, then the cleaning? sorry- debating via your comments section to see if i can answer myself...still not sure which route to take.

    breaking out - adult acne sucks...i'll keep this G-rated and won't say what it sucks...but i no like breaking out. For awhile, i would get one huge bump monthly, and it'll leave a nice dark scar to say, "hey, i was here." Lately, I've been breaking out on my chin, little small bumpettes on my chin - still not cute. let me know when you do find something that works.

    oh - and didya know? VS is having their 7pair/$25 sale - ends today! I went during lunch, but they ran out of my size - so bummed out (hahaha no pun intended) I funny. I walked out with 3 pairs of lacy bikini (3pair/$30) and a boring beige bra...

    I also tried one of their eye shadows (called "between the sheets") and it was so pretty...i smeared some on the back of my hand, and it was hard to wipe off. I actually had to get the make-up remover tester to wipe it off. leads me to believe that it'll last long....yay or nay?

  4. LOL.. you crack me up!

    I hate those damn scars. Must they really stay? Yes, I remember you... now move on.

    I say you go get it fixed first and then clean.

    And dude.. my friend Kim told me about VS panties sale and you know... I grew to hate the mall so much that I haven't been there since. Today is a must! MAN... my size is gonna be gone too... I know it. Freakin' medium. They always have XS available. Now WTF would I do with those? Use it as a coin pouch? Ugh!

    Haven't tried their makeup yet, but thanks for reminding me to try. Loves u!

  5. let me know if it works

  6. you cancelled your dentist appointment?? :-O what was it for? a cleaning or filling? you should like going to the dentist, its good for you. :) i saw 10 patients today...i'm getting sick of cleaning teeth!

  7. You're a dentist? LOL... I've been a little sick and coughing up stuff (yuck) and thought it would be kind of gross to have someone playing around in my mouth while sick. Don't you think thats sicko (literally). I know for sure I wouldn't feel comfortable... especially when I might have to interrupt the procedure just to blow my nose. Oh... for a filling. I wish I paid more attention to my teeth WAY before!!

  8. lol. no i'm not a dentist, just a dental hygienist. i understand...i would totally cancel too if i was sick. i thought maybe you were just avoiding it. lol :P i didn't pay that much attention to my teeth until i got into this field...:-S but its never too late to start!

  9. I love this product! The entire Boscia line is really great for your skin. There are few brand products that go the preservative free or organic route that works really effectively. As someone noted above salicylic acid will also work and so does benzoyl peroxide 5%. Neutrogena and drug store brands carry it in a cream form for on the spot acne treatment. I use it when I ride the crimson wave every month. G.L

  10. I still haven't gotten a chance to pick this up yet. I might have to order it online since I'm sick in bed right now. Thanks for the input, ladies! :)