March 6, 2010

Rainy and Love

You would think that moving from Seattle to Southern California, I have escaped the cold and rain, right? Wrong! Apparently, I brought the rain with me. My Sister said that kit never rained this much or even flooded the past few years she had been here until I moved here! What can I say? Even the rain loves me! :)

Speaking of love, I can't wait to see the first true loves of my life next week. I have not been back home since my Family Reunion back in November. I miss my Parents and kids (as in my nieces and nephews) so much that it hurts. There are nights and even days when I sit here and worry about my Parents... to the point where I am in tears. There were nights when I cry in my sleep because I miss them and I would wake up waiting for the sun to come up so that I can call them just to hear their voices. If I called in the middle of the night, they would think that something is wrong and would worry about me... which is not what I want at all. Ever. Ahhh... I just can't wait. Going to give both of my Parents long massages (very much deserved), bring them out to eat (they love seafood), bring my Mommy to get her eyebrows waxed (she loves that), make and drink coffee with both of them, maybe my Dad will have me cut his hair again (lol)! Ahhh... just so excited! And my kids... gonna cook up some spaghetti with them... and bake cookies (they love that) and play some random games with them. I will probably force them to sing and dance for me (they hate it, but I love it). Man, the week is going to fly by too darn fast. I must cherish the moments... savor it all.

Distance really makes the heart grow fonder. Trust me, I'd know.


  1. I miss my family, too. Boo. I haven't seen my family in San Diego for ages. It sucks when you have so many family members spread out all over the place.

    Have fun, be well, eat awesomely.

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  3. oh - i hope you enjoy your visit back home....i miss See-ah-tol. ehh, I miss roaming downtown and Pike's Place with you and sharing a salmon Piroshky... *drool*

  4. OMG thanks for reminding me! Piroshky Piroshky is a MUST! I'll think of you! :P