February 10, 2009

I Don't Like Animals...

UNLESS I never have to touch them or be chased by them.

Okay I admit... I liked Sam's old dog and my roommates' old dog. But other than that, dogs are just NOT my thing. Well, except that cute little Yorkie I saw in L.A. or cute little Shih Tzu's that look like old grandpas! Oh... and Pookie Lok is cool too! I like cute little dogs, not scary ones. Ugh! HAHA....! I keep getting chased by Sam's Brother's little puppy. Its a little pitbull but I swear it looks like a freakin' hippo slash rat. Its so fast too! I swear it just KNOWS that I'm scared of it so it loves to chase me.


I think that the only people who feel like this towards animals... more like house pets... are my Sister and BFF Jennifer. I think that I'm not as bad as Jenn. You should hear her. HAHAHA... she hates them with a passion. Thing is... Joe is a DOG lover like Sam. We both made the boys choose... its US or the DOGs. Hmph!

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