February 4, 2009


Oh my gosh... totally forgot that I was in the middle of writing something for reals... then I got sort of distracted!!

I had a lot of fun exploring downtown Long Beach all by myself yesterday after having lunch with Sam and his coworkers again. Then, I found my new LB hot spot and ready to hit it up again today. After Sam got off work, I had to come home and work on something on the computer real quick, then we went out and played until we got hungry and found ourselves some papaya salad and prahok ktis at home. OMG... I don't think I can EVER get sick of those two dishes. Seriously... my favorites! Yummmm! Sam's parents laugh at me for loving prahok ktis so much and how I'm not tired of it. Sam's Mom is so sweet... she always always makes the best food. And since her Baby (Sam) is leaving for three months, she feels so sorry for him and keeps making EVERYTHNG that he requests. Spoiled ass guy! Its okay though because I get to eat it too!

We watched some Khmer karaoke with his Dad until about midnight last night. Good times. His Dad and I have the same taste in music. He bought MY Dad some DVDs. I got sort of jealous and asked him why he buys it for my Dad and not for me. :P He laughed and said that I don't need it! LOL!

This morning, I ran along the beach all by myself. OMG... amazing! If I lived here, I would run along there ALL the freakin' time! Makes me want to live here even more! Then, went to visit my Sister and my Nephew.

Okay... going to hang out with his Mommy now! Toodles!


  1. Hey Dork, I'm gonna go to LA Fitness after work today (ughhh) so not looking forward to it. By the way this is Kayoy.

  2. HAHA... I'm on vacation. Who goes to the gym on vacation? LOL!