February 12, 2009

How can I miss him so much?

How can I miss him so much when I only saw him 15 hours ago?

Last night, it was nice to see some of Sam's close friends swing by to say goodbye and wish him well on his journey. Bittersweet. They each brought something over to share on top of Sam's Mom's BETTER than Noodle World Spicy Spaghetti. (YUM) After some of the folks left, I snuck into Sam's room and said goodbye to him through the built in camera on his laptop. It was a short few minutes video of my goodbyes since I knew that I wouldn't have enough time to say BYE to him because we STILL had so much to do. Anyway... he didn't know about the video and I cleaned myself up well after crying for the camera for a few minutes. I tried not to cry whenever his friends gave him hugs. Damn... I need to stop being such a Baby, don't I?

I cried most of the night while packing. :( Sam, too... not so much, though. *sigh* I did NOT want to wake up at 4am this morning. Its like we didn't even sleep!

His parents woke up to bring us to the airport way early since both of our flights left at 7am. His Dad made me COFFEE because he knows that I love my coffee. It was so sweet of him... very thoughtful but I felt so guilty to have him making coffee for me. I do have some awesome soon to be in laws, don't I? :)

We got to LAX and sadly, we were in different terminals. I was the first stop and I almost cried giving his Parents hugs! I already knew that I was going to somehow hunt Sam down at his terminal to give him a last hug and kiss. AND... I did just that! He was sort of surprised to see me and honestly, I did NOT want to leave his side. Damn... I'm so mushy mushy, aren't I? I teared up walking away back to my own terminal and a security guard stopped me to see if everything is okay because he noticed me walking back and forth between terminals. HAHA... he thought I was lost! :P

NOTHING of mine beeped at security checkpoint (I'm at the airports often enough to almost be a pro at the whole thing), but the freakin' TSA dude was so adamant about me getting patted down. WTF. I know I'm fat and it looks like I have extra baggage on me, but trust that its skin and flesh. HAHA!

My flight was sort of scary... never experienced so much turbulence. Yikes! I made it home though!

Sam got to his destination okay too... despite the fact that his luggage got left in Miami. WTF. I would have been so pisst! Oh... and Sam found my little goodbye video on his computer on the plane. He said it was so sweet and unexpected and that he almost cried watching it. Hearing that almost made ME cry. Damn... I'm a walking ball of emotions today, aren't I???

Momma got on the phone with Sam's Mom right away... for about an hour or so (of course). Sam's Mom basically sent my Mom a luggage full of things. OMG... I feel like they're becoming BFFs!

Mommy told me that Justin had been counting down the days for me to come home. I missed him so much... you don't even know! Apparently, he hadn't been able to sleep because he keeps worrying about my flight after he heard about the U.S. Airways flight that hit a bird a few weeks ago. LOL... my eight year old nephew is so caring... I'm so so so blessed! When he got home from school, I hid and surprised him and he literally yelled YAY... and jumped on me and hugged me and kissed me! Then he goes, "I thought you were going to die!" WTF!!! LOL... well at least I know that he cares and would have missed me! :D

We just got done putting together his Valentines and treats. I'm excited for him... hehe! I miss Valentines' Day in elementary school! You'd buy a pack of valentine cards and then take so much time trying to figure out which card to give to who. You'd save the bigger and better cards for your pals or your crush. And then you try your best to give the ugliest ones to the other kids that you don't like as much. LOL. AND... you'd sit there and overanalyze the cards you get from other kids... oblivious of the fact that they were pre printed and distributed to millions others. LOL... the good ol' days!

I don't know how I'm going to sleep tonight without Sam. I was just starting to get used to waking up next to his handsome face (and sexy body)! Oooh la la! HAHA. *sigh*

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  1. In due time you will get to see Sam everyday of your life, heeheh!