February 17, 2009

Our Valentines' Day...

Laptop at a club? HAHA... we had to do what we had to do!

Check out the birthday cake we got for Ranns!!

My oh my, Jane!! LOL... Sandy was waiting for some gas, maybe? HAHA

I tried to let one out... did it work? At least Sandy looked HAPPY! HAHA

Jenn's eyes were starting to glaze over and Mary so happy!!

Check out Melaine in the back... she's having a GREAT time!

Birthday girl... she's having a GREAT birthday!!

I thought I saw a million bucks!

The girls... guess which ones were GONE!! hahaha!

Our youngins came out to support too! Aren't they handsome?

Oh.... SANDY!! And WHY is Phillip all up in our picture!?!? HAHA

We're Birthday Girls' favorites and she knows it! :D

One more just in case!! ;)

We LOVE group pictures!! Guys... get out!

My girls... workin' the crowd!!

Gettin' my groove on... of course!!

Was Phillip tryin' to steal my spot light? Oh HECK no!!

Us and Elaine...!

She loves me... right before she goes NIGHT NIGHT at the table!

Ranny... who you texting??

NOBODY! She's night night-ing!! HAHAHAHA

Max... thanks for taking my picture but there's a zoom button you could have used! LOL

My LOVE... Jenniponi!! She'd give me the world if she could!
My best friend who does SO much for me! She even listened to me cry on the phon last night! HAHA

Strinking a pose in the midle of the sidewalk with strangers! HAHA

Unie so yummy!! HAHA

Goodnight, Unie!!

Goodnight, Ranny!!

If a friend falls asleep, thats a photo opp!!

She SAID she was hungry! Say "ahhhhh"!!

And she called ME weaksauce? I was the driver (Daddy's car... haha!)

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