February 24, 2009


I hate not feeling well. Gosh... goes to show how unhealthy I am by how often I get sick throughout the year, huh? *cough* AND I hate taking meds. Yuck. Even if they're the candy coated advils that don't taste so bad. I feel more weak knowing that I have meds in my system. I'm retarded.

I guess I can't go running today because its raining. (YES!!!)

I feel like I want/need a haircut again. I'm THAT bored!! Ahhhh!

Was talking to Sam yesterday while he was walking on campus and I guess it was already 8pm and deers came out to play with him. Holy Sh*t! I would have been so scared! He probably was really scared but tried to act calm and cool. *sigh* I hope I can go visit him soon. But man... where he is is nowhere fun! :(

Had so many weird dreams last night/this morning. It jumped all over the place from hanging out at my old childhood friend's swimming pool to getting punked on the street by some kids while we were in the car. My mind was ALL over the place!

In 3 or 4 years... I hope to have a Baby. Is that crazy? I just want one. But damn... no returns and no exchanges. :(

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