February 19, 2009

Pictures of US...

Its weird. We used to take pictures ALL the time, but now, I don't even have time to pull out a camera or even TRY to take pictures when we're together because its just too much work and we'd rather spend that time just hanging out. I never thought I'd say that... but wow... me and no camera? What's this world coming to?

However... I was able to experiment with the camera on my phone a bit. Lighting sucks, but whatever. This is from the night before we both left L.B. Sam just hopped out of the shower and didn't even fix his hair... but I like it when he doesn't try to fix his hair so much. He's so handsome. :)


  1. I'm sure you'll get back into the habit of taking pics around the time of the wedding.

    And then, of course, once y'all start having kids...

  2. I hope so! Oh... and I plan on capturing my kids' every moves. I'm gonna be psycho camera freak Mommy... one day! :D