February 27, 2009

Closet Clutter

I really need to do something about all the junk in my closet. Well, its not necessarily junk, but its stuff that I probably would never wear again but do NOT want to part with. I don't know why... but I really don't want to get rid of things that I've spent money on and I feel like I haven't gotten enough wear out of it. I can donate the clothes, but I'd "sdaiy" it and think to myself later on, "I should have kept that ______ " if I was to somehow need it. At the same time, I still have tons of clothes still with price tags on them. Maybe I'll find more use for it when summer rolls around?

Speaking of summer, its a beautiful day today. So weird since it was just snowing yesterday morning. Okay, I guess its not THAT weird and I should be used to it by now, right?

Its Friday... should I go out with the girls tonight? One of Unie's events... I always have FUN at them, but just don't know if I really want to go out so far. :( Maybe I'll stay in and have a little wine by myself and cuddle up with a good book? Running to Barnes and Nobles today... yay! Or maybe Borders so I can take advantage of the Borders members discounts? Yeah... better idea. 40% is quite a bit even if the book is under $20... especially when you're broke!

Tomorrow is Melaine's birthday. Ahhh... its all the way out in Kirkland and I am really debating if I should go or not. Maybe I will see if anyone wants to carpool or something? Also Jill's birthday, but I really don't know if I want to drive all the way up to Tulalip... thats freakin' FARRRRRRRR!!! Why can't we all live within a 10 mile radius from each other? Okay I admit... I'm the only one who really lives that far out from anyone. I think the friend that lives closest to me is Nara... and even SHE is 17 miles away from me (I tested it on my odometer... lol!)

I don't know... I just feel like staying at home this weekend. Lazyyyyyyyy! I know if I do, I might regret it next week when I feel like I've missed out. We'll see.

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