February 6, 2009

Baby Duckies!

Sam had been wanting some baby duckies (balut) for awhile now and supposedly, they bring in new ones on Thursday. We'd been waiting for Thursday to roll around and when it finally did, we were ON it!

Went to pick up 40 duck eggs (at 90 cents each... LOL). Ate them during the Lakers game. OMG... I ate FIVE of them and was just about to die! One of the duckies was SO big that I just couldn't eat it and made Sam eat it for me. You can see the beak, the wing forming, and the EYEBALL and everything! I kid you not! It was black with a little bit of white. Gross, huh? Yeah... Sam ate it. It was so good though. There were 6 of us, and we almost finished them all. YUMMMM!

Sam's Momma taught me how to make shark fin soup! OMG... can't wait to make some for my parents and my nephews when I get home. Actually, I'm going to write down all the steps now so that I wouldn't forget. LOL

My Baby's sick. Boo! At least he's sick before he leaves to training. Man... I'm gonna miss him like crazy. This sucks ass.

Its raining over here now. So much for escaping Seattle rain, right? Boo!

SO much to do this weekend before I go home. A bit overwhelmed, actually.

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