February 22, 2009

Invitation FUN!

I worked on some of my invitations... finally! I'm pretty pleased with the results, but probably wouldn't be done with them until the next couple of days... or week or so. LOL... I am a horrible procrastinator! I invested in a new printer since I know that I will be doing quite a bit of printing for the wedding. So far, I like it!

I must say that I am very proud of myself! I worked on the wordings in both English and Khmer... all by myself! Yup! I typed that thing in Khmer with the approval of my Dad, my Sister, and my Brother. They even said that it looked good and I double checked with all of them to make sure that there were no grammatical errors. Eeeek! I never realized how easy it can be after getting the hang of it for awhile. I'm saving the document now though just in case I need to change the names and dates and other mumbo jumbo for my friends IF they ever need them. Really... I really am PROUD! *stands tall*

Ahhh... I probably wouldn't even send out the invitations until April... but its nice to get it out of the way once I'm done. Also came up with some other fun ideas. I'm sooooo stoked! I love you new printer, paper cutter, third hot glue gun (don't ask me why I have so many because I really don't know!)... I love you!

Durand called me ghetto for making my own invitations... but you know what? I'm glad to be spending this time to add my own personal touch to these rather than just cookie cutter type invitations that were probably already used for every body and their mommas and their momma's neighbors. Okay... thank goodness I have all this extra time... whew!

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