February 9, 2009

Almost Time To Go Home...

I'll only be here for a few more days and so will Sam. That makes me sad. That makes US sad. :(

I learned how to make Nom Bajok on Friday! It was goooood and the Poker guys helped finish it when they came over. LOL! Hung out with my nieces and nephew for a bit and I discovered that my nieces are in many ways like me. :) I got started on my book that night too. Can't put it down anymore!

We went shopping for some wedding stuff on Saturday and were unsuccessful. Boo! It rained that day (and Friday and Sunday) so I was sort of too lazy to really do anything. Though... we got lots of ideas! Met up with my Sister and her Boyfriend later for some Korean BBQ. Yum! The coolest part is that the bathroom had a little mouthwash dispenser with little cups and everything!! I surely took advantage of that and even took a couple of pictures! HAHA... easily amused, as you can see!

Then, we went to go see "He's Just Not That Into You". I liked it... it was a cute movie and I cried a few times and even got so frustrated at the big screen a few times... haha! Sam and Trevor laughed through the movie too and Sam kept nudging me because apparently, I do some of the things shown in the movie. Ugh... whatever! Honestly though, I expected a bit more. I really liked the book and the movie wasn't half as good. Maybe I'm just a pessimist and didn't expect the happy endings. Okay... I'll shut up now! HAHA!

Went shopping with Sam and his Mommy on Sunday (yesterday). I'm upset that there isn't a Lee's Sandwich in Washington. Dude... SOOOOOO much better than the typical Vietnamese sandwiches found at the Asian grocery stores up north. AND.... they cost about the same. Ugh... if they had a Lee's Sandwich up there, I swear that I'd eat it every single day. Seriously!

Sam made some yummy crawfish and his Mommy made some crabs. I was in heaven as the TASTER!!! Ahhhhh... salivating at the thought of it! I don't think I've ever ate so much. AND... ended the night with some strawberry mochi's and some fresh durian. OMG... I'm telling you... it was a little bit of heaven for me!

Brought some crawfish over to my Sister's place and Chris was hysterical because it was SO damn spicy! (I love it!)

Sam and I both leave on Thursday morning. Boo hoo... miso sad!! :(


  1. I saw you leaving Costco with your boyfriend but I didn't want to be awkward and go up to you when we've never even met in person. You need to come back on KC. Oh and you looked gorgeous to!

  2. cloned thydas would probably not be a good idea. '=P

  3. Linda!!! You should have said HELLO!! You already know I don't bite... or do I? LOL jk.. next time, I'm keeping my eyes peeled for you!

    Raz... you know you would love to have 100 Thyda's around! No lie! :D

  4. Hahah your welcome that I introduced you to the Korean BBQ place! :P I'm playin ... sorry we didn't get a chance to hang out, I've been so busy and preparing to leave to the Bay Area again. I knew you were busy as well ... just reading your blog seemed that you had no time and extremely busy to try my papaya salad. LOL Next time!