February 10, 2009

I'm Going To Miss Him...

Sam and I have been packing these past few days. He's going to Georgia and I'm going home to Washington. We'll be even further apart than we've ever been... with a time zone difference. This is going to be hard and the three and a half months are going to be drags. I'm really wishing that someway, somehow, I can just speed it up already. We're both sad packing. Yesterday, I cried in the middle of it all and I can also see the hurt in Sam's eyes. Breaks my heart. Sam rarely ever cries and when he does, I feel the life being squeezed out of my heart. I know I may sound dramatic, but I don't expect anyone who hasn't been in this type of situation to understand.


  1. I understand you! Long distant relationship sucks. But just remember, you'll be married in no time and living together for a bazillion years!

  2. Thanks Betty! I knew you'd understand!!!