February 26, 2009

Thirsty Thursday...

I had a nice little run today! The stopwatch feature on my new iPod works wonderfully! Thanks Baby... again! :D He spoils me too much. Okay... not too much. Keep spoiling, please! ;)

Completely bored out of my mind and don't feel like doing the things I should be doing. Why am I NOT surprised? Per Daddy's request, I made Lok Lak again today. I think my parents think that thats all I know how to cook or something. I know that they're almost right... but still! HAHA!

I yap too much, don't I? LOL... doubt anyone really reads my blogs, but I yap anyway. Its funny... but sort of sad at the same time. * shrugs *

Need a new book to read. Any suggestions, anyone? Please?

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