February 26, 2009


2 Year Old Boy SMOKING a Cigarette !!

This is so disturbing and I can't even explain the anger I feel inside after seeing this bullshit. Seriously, this is a form of child abuse and if that happened in the U.S... I'm sure that the public will try to somehow get those adults arrested and get that poor child out of that kind of environment. Unfortunately, this seems to be happening in a different country. I never thought that I would ever come across something like this. I am very upset to know that this kind of shit is really happening. Who knows how many young kids out there have parents who condone to this kind of behavior... moreover, encourage it because they think its funny or cute. It is NOT funny nor is it cute. Those adults in this video really deserve a good beat down if not a smack in the head by my big hands. I would LOVE to see them and give them a piece of my mind. This is so so so sad... and I am nearly in tears just thinking about it again. Urghhhhh!!!

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