September 12, 2007

Wedding Photographer

What in the world did I get myself into? LOL

So yesterday, I was sort of trying to help Nara plan her wedding. Nothing too extravagant, but we were just looking at flower boutonnieres, flower arrangements, settings... and photographer! HAHA! I had this grand idea of posting a craigslist ad looking for wedding photographers:

Got a few responses yesterday and it was cool seeing the various talents and PRICES out there (haha)! Now I signed on my email and have about 30 freakin' responses! Hehehe... its going to be awhile until I go through ALL of them!

I love craigslist... and its usually my first source when I look for something. I suggested to Sarem that she should give it a shot when she was looking for her wedding photographer... and she found them there! Her engagement (pre-wedding) pictures looked awesome and I can't wait to see the rest of the wedding pictures! Anyway... so yeah... lets hope we find something good! I'm still in love with the photographer who did Mikal and Paline's wedding. For MY wedding (jeat krouy AKA next life... haha), I would like to have something like HIS work:
(beautiful... absolutely beautiful work)

Hehehe... I'll keep those interested posted on my search! Planning a wedding is FUN... but so much work since everything needs to be detailed just RIGHT! :)

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