September 26, 2007

Chicken & Roasted Garlic Pizza

So yesterday I decided that I wanted to make my own pizza out of scratch! LOL... I made the dough and everything out of pure flour and stuff...

I wanted to make the Chicken and Roasted Garlic pizza I stole the recipe from the food forum. So I was making it and it was going great and right after I popped it in the oven, my brother, his wife, and their three kids came over. I figured it won't be enough... so I made another one... but I threw on more toppings such as peppers, mushrooms, olives... and figured it would be for the adults since kids don't like all those toppings.

After the first one was cooked, I called the kids to come eat it... and they were excited for pizza. Then... one of the munchkins said, "it doesn't taste right..." and another says, "it doesn't taste good"... and the last one says, "where's the pepperoni? this isn't pizza!"

I almost cried! My parents and siblings said it was good... and they liked how it wasn't typical pepperoni. Those punks just can't accept the fact that not all pizzas have pepperoni and I don't know why they don't like roasted garlic when I love it so much!

Hmph! I don't think I ever wanna cook again... wahhhh!

At least my nephew William liked it... but that kid likes and eats everything.

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