September 1, 2007

My Left Eyeball...

Where did it go?

No seriously... where did my left eyeball go? Last night when I got home, I was trying to take off my contacts like I usually do. I started with my right eye... and that came out just fine... smoothly. I moved on to my left eye.. and the darn thing just wouldn't come out! I was pulling on my eyeball for a good ten minutes until it was red and nearly swollen. Finally, I came up with the bright idea of looking closer at the mirror... and I realized that there was NOTHING there!

Where the heck did it go? Did it fall out without me even knowing or is it still stuck behind my real eyeball? :(


P.S. I refer to my contacts as my eyeballs... just so you'll know. :) I think this could have been prevented if I wore my colored contacts rather than my clear... but colored contacts are so played out. (For now.. haha)

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