January 28, 2008

ugh. snow.

So check this out... after I got two new front tires, it decided to snow last night. I called my boss lady and told her that I wasn't going to make it in by 8am since my hill was blocked off and it looked pretty bad. She said that its fine and if I do make it in by noon, it'll just be considered a half day and for me to let her know if I'm going to come in at all or not. I called the office at about 11am, and everyone was in the office except for myself and the boss lady (of course). So... I didn't wanna seem like the ONLY slacker who didn't come in just because of the snow, so I drove my sister's car into work since her car is an SUV and much better than my whimpy car. As I pulled out of my small town, it looked like it was a dry day in June! What the hell! I knew I wasn't lying nor was I making up the snow because my niece and nephews' schools got closed, my Dad had to put chains on his tires, and I saw all the snow on the freakin' news, dammit! Oh... and I took a few pictures with my nephew shortly before I left the house. Man... I hope no one thinks I made up the snow or dramatized it, because I have pictures to prove it! LOL

I swear, I'm not crazy. It really did snow... and they weren't candy bars and milkshakes either!

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