January 30, 2008

Back to LiveJournal

... but for how long?

I know... I'm a traitor. So I've abandoned my LiveJournal for quite some time and found a new home on Blogger. Why? Because I figured that Blogger was cleaner and didn't have all these extra features and functions that I didn't need (like here). It was fine and all... but man, how I miss my few buddies on LiveJournal. Actually defeats the purpose of moving to Blogger since I'm back here spying on my friends anyways, huh?

Sabrina gave me this link where I can actually link both of my blogs together... but nope... doesn't work for me. I think its because its only compatible with Windows. Maybe one day I'll convert back from a Mac, but thats less likely to happen than me converting back from Blogger to LiveJournal.

For now, I'll go through the hassle of copy and pasting my entries to both. Lame, I know... but I guess it only takes a few extra seconds, right? Besides... I love the fact that I can make SOME entries on LJ private. *mischievous laugh*

In the meantime... I wonder if any of my designer buddies would be willing to make me a more THYDA layout. *hint hint, wink wink*

1 comment:

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