February 4, 2008

Thats IT? Short freakin' weekend!

Needless to say, my weekend get away was just too damn short. I had a day off on Friday, and wanted to take advantage of my 3 day weekend by flying to the LBC since tickets were pretty cheap. Thursday, I had such a crazy day at work and it was the closest I've been to breaking down and having a panic attack. CRAZY as it was, rushed my ass to the airport as soon as I can. Thought I was about to miss my flight on the way there, but didn't since traffic wasn't as bad as I expected. BUTTER London was right next to my gate and with 30 minutes until boarding, I decided to unwind and treat myself to a nice manicure. (Love it by the way... none of the chemicals they used and nail polish had alcohol in it... so it didn't smell at all) The lady who did me (that sounded funny) was really sweet... her name is Vivian. On my way out of the shop and to the gate, I ruined one of my nails from digging for my laptop, so I went back and she was more than willing and seemed happy to help me with it. Anyway... so everyone on my flight was waiting to board... then all of the sudden, we were told that there's a slight delay. I thought, "okay its cool... maybe 10 or 15 more minutes". Came to find out that there was an OIL LEAK on that freakin' plane! We didn't board the plane until two hours after scheduled. Then, we sat of the plane for nearly another hour waiting. So lame. Oh... and then we passed the curfew to fly into LB, so we had to fly to LAX instead and they were going to shuttle us to LB. Screw it... my boyfriend is picking me up from LA... which he was more than happy to. He wouldn't let me on a shuttle that was 20 minutes away if he can help it. :) Stupid thing is, I tried to change my flight to get on a later flight to LA, and they tried to charge me $200 for it. Dumb! I could have spent those nearly 3 hours working so I wouldn't be so close to dying.

Friday, it was Mikal's birthday. Sam and I went SHOPPING all day. He didn't even complain during the 4 or so hours I spent shopping... in which he'd better not! :P Then, it was hungered time and I insisted on crawfish! Sam suggested we wait until the next day so everyone can join us, but I told him that I wouldn't mind coming back the next day again! HAHA! OMG... it was SO good and we got way too damn full that day. Then, we picked up some yummy (hella spicy) papaya salad for the night to bring over to The Lok's. It was initially a robe party, but of course... I forgot mine. All the folks I spoke to needed reassurance that it really was a robe party... and I told them yes. The only person who abided was the host, Paline. LOL...! She's too cute... its crazy. To make a long story short, we all overstuffed our faces in food and I was able to get each and every single one of them red faced drunk over the game of High/Low. Yep... even the girls who don't usually drink played with me. I think I was the only one who was completely sober, so it was fun to watch them all. HAHAHA! Good times! Even made a second run to pick up Mike's Hard Lemonade in honor of Mike's birthday... that they all killed. Then, it was a few very hostile rounds of charades. There were more guys than girls... but the girls did well. We'll win next time. The guys just cheat and we should have known that they'd know every single chick flick and girly TV show we could have imagined. I heard a few threw up the next morning... haha... mission accomplished!

We had a photoshoot with Mikal on Saturday. It was all for fun, and it really was fun. Nice to work with a photographer who is also a friend because he knows our personalities and so easy to work with. Some of the things we did were so corny, but I loved them! What sucks is that there was an error on his camera for about an hour, and then he was able to fix it... so those shots might not have came out so well. Boo! But I have faith... Mikal's a great photographer and he knows what he's doing. He's as corny as I am... so I had fun! Then, Sam and I went to go eat and listen to a band at the restaurant. I wish we had those here in Seattle, but our usual Phnom Penh Noodle House is nothing in comparison to that. Dammit... how I wish! All the songs they sang were my favorites! HAHA! Then, we went to meet up with my sister and I got to meet her boyfriend, Trevor, for the first time. He's a really nice guy and has a sense of humor. Funny guy... I actually liked him. I asked him if my sister's a pain in the ass and almost got him in trouble. Funny how he and Sam can relate to many things that they have to deal with... our impatience, stubbornness, and moodiness. LOL! Sucks to be them! Then, the rest of the gang came down and met up with us and we were playing at Dave & Buster's. Man... again, wish we had that here too. It was funny trying to compete with the guys in basketball when they're all basketball junkies... so it was serious stuff to them. I collected all the tickets.... and with nearly 2,000 tickets, guess what I redeemed! Long, blue shot glasses for everyone, oh yeah! We ended the night with a midnight field trip to Wal-Mart (9 of us) pick up the board game, "Battle of the Sexes" and some drinks. Played the game at The Loks and again... sucks to know that these guys know more about girly things than we think they should. LOL... and how the hell are we supposed to know what a muffler does to your car besides make noise and puff out smoke? DAMMIT! We didn't get home until 5am... crazy!

Yesterday morning, it was my last day there. Boo hoo! We went out to eat with Sam's family at Hak Heang. I initially didn't want to go there after hearing about the incident a few years ago, but I gave in anyway. Glad I did though... saw some Khmer entertainers such as Chhom Nimol, Chhom Chorvin, Oum Sovanny, Sou Sophal. I liked the band there better than the ones at La Lune and New Paradise... but thats just me. Got to eat frog legs too, yummy! :P

Then, Sam's mom always insists on sending something over to my mom so we went to a few Khmer grocery stores. We don't have the same stuff that they have down there, so this is almost always a must. We went to three different stores to finally find what we wanted. At the third and final store, I was introduced as her daughter in law! o_O HAHA... I didn't know what to say so I just stood there and smiled like a dumbass. Sam was happy to hear when his mom told him in the car that people asked who I was and if I'm her real daughter... then she replied telling them that I'm her daughter in law. I tried to pay for the stuff that she bought for my mom since she always sends her these gifts, but she hit my butt and shoved the money back into my wallet! MAN! I love his parents... and I find myself getting along with them really well... which is very important to the both of us. His mom and I can talk on the phone every now and then... how cool is that? Oh... and my parents probably love Sam more than they love me. Lame!

People came over to Sam's for the Superbowl. I spent most of that time packing... and actually cried during my last hour or so with Sam before departing. It sucks... it gets more and more difficult to leave every time. * sigh * He told me that its hard to leave or see me go. But for now, thats just the way it is. I'm just glad that I'll be seeing him again in only a few weeks. This time, it would be for longer... or at least thats what I'm hoping for.

Okay... will get some work done now. Toodle loo!