January 17, 2008

THE Dress...

After a couple hours of browsing online and a couple visits at a couple bridal boutiques, we finally came to our final decision on THE final bridesmaids' dresses. I must say that I absolutely love the dress. The original dress that we ordered was not really of my taste... but I honestly thought that the other girls really liked it... in which they did. I was fine with it also... but it just wasn't something that I had imagined... and the Bride wasn't a huge fan either. After a few days of frustration and trying to come up with a conclusion, we finally did.

Yayyyyyy! So this is FINAL... and we'll get our dresses in three months. Thats a long time to wait, but I guess its worth it. Nara and I picked out the colors for it yesterday, and I looooove the color scheme even more than what we had originally. Even though it was somewhat of a hassle, I am just glad that it was fixed and we didn't stick with the original order just to keep it simple. This change is well worth it. Maybe after the wedding, I'll post all the choices we had and let you compare what we WERE going to get and what we ARE going to get. I'm excited... and really really happy with the final decision.

Honestly, I think I am living vicariously through Nara. I'm a big sucker for weddings and stuff... and I'm glad that Nara's letting me get this much into the wedding. I'm a poor wedding planner though. I self appointed myself as the wedding planner even before their proposal, but I haven't done much, really. I just like to tag along and give my two cents when asked for it! :D Hehehe...! Oh... and the woman's ring is freakin' gorgeous and it looks freakin' huge! It was what I've always wanted too...! Haha... told you I'm living vicariously through her!

156 days to go... can't wait!

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