January 24, 2008


In response to Durand's video... haha! I was going to do more on this, but I didn't really have the time to make it extra spiffy or anything. Plus, there were just a lot of pictures that I wanted to include and the clips were too short to incorporate any cool transitions or effects... and I had to make the show fast because the song was so short. You gotta watch it with the song though... thats the best part about this. Hehehe...

It was my first time using iMovie... and it didn't have all the features that I was used to with Adobe Premier, so this is pretty bland. I had to compress the file to make it smaller so it wouldn't take me hours to upload, so quality sucks. Bleh... oh well. I had fun making it now I really wanna make another one with my friends up here... we have about a million pictures! LOL!