January 16, 2008

My Boyfriend's Boyfriend

(he's probably going to kill me when he sees this... thats IF he sees this)

So I was just going through the pictures we took in Vegas. There were many... but these were somewhat classics:

Sam & CJ claimed that this is how us girls get VIP and front of the line at clubs...

Then... I just don't know:

Oh... and the guys tried to tell us that they were going to stay IN and hang out while us girls went out. Little did we know that they had a different agenda than they stated... at the poker tables at New York, New York! It was a couples' trip and it was funny how all 7 ladies found some kind of evidence of their man lying and going out instead. Haha... it wasn't a big deal but just funny how they tried to give us a guilt trip for making plans to have a Ladies' Night Out in Vegas, leaving them alone at the hotel. We called the guys on our way back to see if any of them were hungry and wanted us to pick them up some food on the way back. Surprisingly, they all said NO.

Being the caring and considerate girlfriends (wife and fiances) we are, we all got our men some grub even when they said they didn't want any.

Got back to the hotel... and it was empty!

Paline noticed that Mikal changed out of his shorts!
Lyna noticed that Bunnarith changed into his khakis!
Sivhui noticed that Mac put on his contacts and left his glasses!
Lily noticed that Durand changed into his sweater and took his jacket!
(I forgot what Leena and Vee noticed for CJ and Morn)
... and my man happened to spray AXE and left his phone on the bed! HMPH!!

So... we decided to punish them and string their panties... just because! LOL!!


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