January 24, 2008

Das Auto ist Kaput!

Yesterday was just not a good day. Don't want to get into everything else (will definitely take me forever and two days), but to end off the horrible day, my tired popped. Thank goodness I was already almost home. Actually, I was at Walgreens picking up a prescription and noticed that my front tire on the drivers' side was flat (yeah yeah... crack your jokes, but I probably really did pop it with my fat and heavy ass). Thought this was strange since I just replaced ALL of my tires this past summer. Anyway, pulled into the gas station across the street and after a long while, my tire didn't seem to inflate so much. Took a good ten minutes for it to look a little bit more inflated, and then my 75 cents ran out on the air pump thingy. I heard a LOUD whistle like air was coming out of something, and what do you know? It was coming out of my tire! WTF! So I was curious to where exactly this "hole" was, and ran my hand above that tire. My big ol' hand almost got blown away since it was a pretty big hole... wtf! Then I remembered I had duct tape in my glove compartment (don't ask why... haha!) and decided to rip off a piece to cover the hole. That one piece of tape didn't seem to do much, so I got another piece, slightly bigger, and covered up the other piece of tape as well. Still, I heard the air coming out. I felt the tire, and it looks like it wasn't just that ONE hole. It looked like it was worn out! Bizarre since I changed these tires less than 6 months ago! Hopelessly, I drove the few blocks home. Pulled into my driveway, and went to tell my dad... nearly in tears. He checked it out and saw that it really was worn and looked like a rope might have gotten tangled in it or something since it was just that ONE tire and the worn part of the tire looked like it was in a long strip. Booooo! Now I have to replace a tire, when I'm already broke as it is with many bills to pay... even ones that I didn't know about (another reason for my bad day). * sigh * This morning, I checked to see what my car looked like and there it was limping in my driveway. I parked it behind my brother's car and hopefully he wouldn't have to go anywhere. Hahaha... if he does, not my problem since I'm not there anymore and they have my keys. LOL! I had my sister drop me off at the Park & Ride since she wasn't working, but had appointments to get to during the day. Wahhhhh! Anyway... so here I am on the bus. What sucks is that today, I was supposed to run an errand for and at work... obviously can't do that. It was suggested that I take the company car since I have the key, but of course, that freakin' Hummer can't fit in our parking garage so it is kept at my boss' property in Bellevue. Gee... if only I had a way to get to that freakin' car. Hmph! Maybe I'll ask one of my coworkers to bring me there. Or maybe I can just take a cab and charge it to my corporate credit card since technically, it IS a business expense. Anyway, I'll figure something out. Oh and on top of it all, today was the scheduled Ladies' Night IN for the week, and I obviously can't make it. * sigh * Hopefully I'll figure something out for that too. Wish me luck?

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