January 21, 2010


I've neglected my blog for some time. Its obvious, I know... please don't make me feel worse about it than I already do. I just got bored with it and ... okay fine... I have a confession.

I've found a new love. Her name is Twitter. I know a lot of people think that its silly and whatnot, but I am in love with it and I don't care what you say. Facebook was so 18 months ago and Twitter is getting old too, but the love I have for it is fresh and new... and addicting. I've not only neglected my blog, but I've neglected Facebook. I am a horrible friend who no longer knows what is going on with my friends. I used to be entertained by pictures and posts that my friends would make, but that doesn't spark my interest as much anymore. Wait... thats not what I mean. My friends still interest me and all, but I'm tired of seeing the same ol' pictures on everybody and their momma's pages. Maybe a part of me is jealous that I am a thousand miles away and not a part of it? *shrugs*

Why I love Twitter? I can follow anyone who makes my heart jump a little and it will be OKAY. I can tweet the most random things and lose a few followers because it rubs them the wrong way, but that is fine with me... make more room for other followers who probably follow me just in hopes that I'd follow back. Sometimes, I'd check out their profiles and if they seem interesting enough, a click of the FOLLOW button is all it takes for them to let me in on their world as I have with mine.

I get everything I need there! Some of my friends are on there (thank goodness so I wouldn't be COMPLETELY out of the loop). I get my news updates, my job postings, my OMGfacts (so random, I love)... and even some ridiculous tweets that I can't help but LOL to. I've also followed some great writers and their style intrigues me. I can spend my whole day on Twitter and not get bored. Seriously... give it a shot. Oh wait... don't give it a shot because if you do, you might be as addicted as I am.

Anyway... I'm inspired to spend more time on my blog and really express my true feelings. Its therapeutic. I also intend to show my own style and more of my personality. Many don't really care for it, but thats okay... just baffles me why they still check back up on me (but I appreciate it)!

As for my project, still under works and in need of research. I promise to share soon. As I told a few friends, I hate to count my chicks before they hatch.

Until next time, stay warm and dry... and tell the loved ones I say 'hi'. (OMG... did I just rhyme?)


  1. Writing is so therapeutic, isn't it?

  2. Very much so! My brain runs faster than I could speak or type, so then my thoughts get mixed up. Writing is a good way to organize my thoughts. :)