January 12, 2010

Slack Mode

Totally slacking on the blogging, I know. I've been pretty busy with other things.

I promise that once things start settling down, I wouldn't neglect my blog so much.

Meanwhile, please stay tuned for something new and fresh.

By the way, this might be a bit TMI but I accidentally cracked my toenail sometime last week and decided to cut it way down to where the crack stops. BAD IDEA. Now, I have an ingrown nail that might have already formed an infection and now my foot is soaking in warm water (feels good, btw)... but once I pull it out, I know that there will be some yellowy type of puss discharging from it (its been happening for the past few days). Gross and too graphic, huh? HAHAHA... but... I just had to share because my foot feels really good in this warm water.

Bottom line is... take care of your feet, people! I will definitely do so from now on.


Happy Taco Tuesday!! Mmmm... that sounds good!


  1. Your readers are beholden to you and anything you write is a blessing and benefit for them. Not the other way around!

    I love reading your stuff.

    PS that happened to my thumb, sort of. My thumbnail ripped backward and all this puss came out a day later and it was all swollen. GRODY.


  2. LOL you're hilarious! Confession, I do need to visit others' blogs more often... yours in particular. I find my way there, but then I get distracted with some junk and by the time I am done with that, you're distracting me on Twitter!! Okay... no more excuses, Thyda! I'll be at thereafterish!