January 5, 2010


2010 will definitely be my year! Maybe even tomorrow, I will put out what I've been working on. Oh wait... most likely not tomorrow since I'll be going to the People's Choice Awards in LA with a few of my girlfriends! Heheh.... still a little sad I turned down my "Thyda + 1" because I wouldn't ditch them like that. Maybe if I had a "Thyda +3"!?!

Let me summarize what's been going on that I might get a chance to elaborate on later...

  • I won a Kodak pocket video camera from Twitter and it really came! For a minute, I thought that they were lying and I was never going to get anything... the "contest" was just a ploy to draw followers and audience. But I was wrong... so so so wrong! I GOT MY CAMERAAAAA!! AND.... it records in HD! How cool is that? Nearly $200 and its all mine for free free free all because I retweet! Whoever said that Twitter is pointless is so wrong.
  • New Years' was great... but I gained about 10 pounds over the course of four days. Seriously. Lard status. We watched the Travis something guy jump his car. Redbull really does give you wings... and guts! I gotta admit... it was pretty cool! Countdown with some of the coolest people in SoCal and a kissy kiss from my Hubbs! Yum, yum, yum!
  • I think the guys like Taboo more than we do. Its official... we have Taboo at my place and I am going to be the master at that game! Watch! If you want to see three loser boys do 45 sit ups for losing, ask me to see the video! HAHA!
  • I looooooooooove my new phone. Thanks to my honey bunches of oats! Goodbye Blackberry... I once loved you so much, but the grass really was greener on the other side. On that side, there was Android!
  • I have a newfound... actually... grown much more appreciation for my Family. They are my true loves. Really.
  • I love exercising my brain, but not so much my body. Its obvious.
  • My addiction is still lingering. I don't think it will be leaving anytime soon. Matter of fact, it might just grow even more this year. Good or bad? I don't know.
  • I have so much I want to do... where does the time go?

Okay... updates later but I really hope that I can share my goods with y'alls soon!


BTW... how is your year going so far?


  1. My year's been going well...

    Seriously. You probably saw my Twitterrhea, but here's why for REAL, for REAL: My Own Fairytale in Digital (With my fairytale wedding photos... every girl loves those).

    AND because of my goals: See HERE.

  2. So you left the Blackberry world?!?! i guess that explains why you didn't message me back.

  3. Holy shiznit! I am so sorry, but I began to ignore my comments on my blog because the foreigners have taken over some of my posts and decided to spam in there. I had no idea you commented here, Channy! Sorry my love, but yes... I kissed the BB world goodbye. However, I still love you and miss you so very much... I promise.