October 11, 2010

Fire in the HOLE!

Can you take a guess what "Fire in the Hole" means or what it represents?  I give you a clue... spicy food.  Now... which hole do you think would be on fire?  Haha... eww... I just got visuals!

Had an amazing dinner with friends last night.  I've been craving CLAWS for so long and it was about time I filled that craving.  It was sooooooo good, but it wasn't such a good idea to have it when my infection is not yet healed.  I came home and was in pain, but the nomnomness was so worth it... I think... I hope.

I can't seem to understand why I cannot just follow the rules.  I knew that I shouldn't have spicy foods, but I just wanted it even more after knowing this.  WHY must I be so hard headed at times?  And now, I suffer because of it.  Ugh.

I need to stop looking at the picture because now, I just want it even more.  After putting it in writing that I shouldn't have it, I just want to chug it all down now.  WHAT is wrong with me?

Don't you just hate that?  Wanting what you can't have?  I am allergic to seafood and shouldn't even eat seafood, but knowing that I am allergic, it just tastes so much better!

What are some things that you can't have but you want even more?  I know I am not the only rebel here, am I?


  1. Girl you are messed up ... LOL.. you make me laugh...

    I can't handle the spicey food... I have a friend that can't get enough of it... my throat burns just watching him eat it....

  2. is this from boiling crab?!? i miss that place!! share!!

  3. Oh man... I love spicy food, but my Husband can basically drink chili and hot sauce. I don't know how he does it. Sometimes, I just wanna eat spicy foods enough to say that I can eat more heat than him. Why am I competitive over silly little things like that? I wish I knew!

    Nope... not Boiling Crab... its CLAWS. In my opinion, its better than Boiling Crab and the wait isn't as crazy! :P

  4. Ummm I LOVE spicy food! My bestfriend and I would make papaya salad so spicy that our nose would be running but we didn't care...still love it! lol.

    Now that I'm pregant i'm not supposed to deli meat or certain seafood and it kills me! I love salami and prosciutto and oysters and i can't have them!!! :(