October 21, 2010

Lebanese Food, Ice Cream, Movie... ahhh!

The other night, I went out to dinner with some of the girls.  This just doesn't happen enough, I tell you!  We went to Sunnin Lebanese Cafe.  It was my first time having Lebanese food and I must tell you... I kinda like it!

Spicy Potatoes
Shish Tawook
Beef Shawarma

I think we stayed there so long that the waitress was just waiting for us to finally leave.  We couldn't help it... we had lots to catch up on, okay?  We figured the night is still young and we wanted to still do more.  Its been awhile since we had all seen a movie, so we wanted to check out what all the hype about The Social Network was.

Before that though, we had to stop by Rite Aid to pick up some Thrifty Ice cream! 

What's your flavor?

We each chose a flavor that we would share... can you guess who chose what?  Or... can you guess which one is mine?  The manly hands totally gave it away, huh? HAHA!  Oh... and I had to pick up a 30 ounce bag of Sour Patch Kids, of course!  Why would I pay twice as much for 1/10th as much at a movie theater?  DUH!  Thank goodness I decided to bring one of my big purses that night.  The other girls still insisted on some sour belts at the candy store next to the theater, which was totally fine... and I got to ask the owner of the store if he wanted to buy my bag of Sour Patch Kids for his store.  HAHA!  I mean... I payed $5.99 for my 30 ounce bag and he was selling his candies for practically $9.95 a pound.  I had nearly 2 pounds in my bag!  He ended up asking me where I bought my candy and I told him.  He laughed and said that we were silly kids.  Uhmmm... Sir, I am about to turn 26.  He didn't believe me and when I showed him my I.D., he seemed shocked.  Of course, he was probably only pretending to boost my ego.  I gotta tell you though... it worked!  LOL

I liked the movie, The Social Network, but dude... it was so long!  My butt was starting to hurt!  It was a total reminder of why I would rather wait for movies to come out on DVD and watch it at the comfort of my own home.  Heck... with RedBox nowadays, its a dollar to rent a new movie that I can watch as many times as I want before 9pm the following day with as many people as I want.  Whereas going to the theaters costs about $11 bucks to watch the movie once... per person... and it comes with a butt and back ache on the side... no extra charge!  Ugh!

Next time, I will just host a movie night at my place... popcorn on yours truly!


  1. I love my red box finds...

  2. I know, right? Inventor of RedBox is my hero and I owe him/her dinner! LOL

  3. Shit, I don't eat meat, and that looks absolutely delectable! But of course, Michigan/Detroit has the highest concentration of Arab immigrants and those of Arab descent, so we have tons of great Arabic/Lebanese food in the Detroit Metro Area!

    I'm getting hungry again.

    Mae Lu, thereafterish.

  4. I'm always into trying new foods! this makes me want to eat right now! Love your blog! come visit me at www.HalleAnderson.com

  5. Thanks, ladies! The food was yummmm! I have been wanting more Lebanese food since! :)