October 29, 2010

Good Things are HAPPENIN'!

I have been a lot happier nowadays.  My friends have noticed it.  My Husband noticed it.  Heck, even I noticed it!

Things are slowly but surely looking up for me and I can honestly say that I am happy doing what I do.  Of course, its not as fast paced as I would like for it to be at the moment, but its going somewhere.

Its Halloween weekend and I barely have Halloween on my mind.  I actually just want to stay home and work on a few projects that really need to get done.  I used to live by the motto, "work hard, but play harder"... but why is it that I just want to work harder and harder and not play at all?  Another sign of old age, is it?

I can't be a party pooper and I can NOT neglect my family and friends though.  I must live by my motto (for this blog, anyway), "Cherish The Moments".

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween weekend!


OH... of course, I did another update on my OTHER blog:  http://thydalim.blogspot.com

And if you haven't already, check out my site (that is still under construction):  http://thydalim.com

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