October 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Sista from anotha Motha & Mista!

My Sista from anotha Motha and Mista turned 26 the other day!

We celebrated with some good eats at MESA in Costa Mesa.  The pizza there was delicious!  The mussels sounded and looked good, but I must say that it was a tad bit disappointing to see how small they were (that's what she said... hahaha!).  The black cherry lychee martina was soooooo good though!  Just thinking about it now makes me thirsty!

We hopped over to AVEC in Huntington Beach right after dinner.  It was such an adventure getting there, but it was worth it!  We stumbled all over the place and dance floor after our Jager Bomb.  This was the most alcohol I've had in a VERY long time.  Usually, I'd have a glass of wine at home, but even that was running low!  Anyway, of course I was the usual hustler and got the Birthday Girl a few free (well, free for us) drinks.  The last drink I remember having was a chocolate cake... and as usual, it didn't disappoint.  We continued to dance the night away.  I thought I forgot how to dance or something because it had been THAT long.  Luckily for me, I didn't break a bone or pull anything, which was actually a surprise!  Oh... and I guess the people who sing "We run LA" were there performing and of course, I was the groupie poser who don't know who they were but pretended like they were my favorite group.  The main dude apparently grabbed my hand while he was on stage and I just giggled and walked away, or so I was told.  I honestly don't remember that part too much, but I guess I can say that I saw another famous person and he touched my hand. HAHA... I wish someone would have gotten a picture of that as evidence and so that I'd remember.  Oh well... always next time, right?  They looked like little young bucks anyway... just see the picture below.

(I just looked it up... the person who sang this song's name is 'Ya Boy'. LOL... I guess you can see his picture below)

Of course, we ended the night with some pho.  Thanks to the table of dudes who decided to pay for our meal... but no, we are NOT going to hop in that limo with you fools!

The best part of the night was probably when we were singing on the way home.  From Huntington to Long Beach, the singing didn't stop.  I think I have some recorded on my phone (audio only).  Anyone know a good website to upload it to so that I can share it? LMAO!  Classic.

Oh what a night, it was!  I love nights like that when its just all the girls dancing the night away and laughing our butts off non-stop.  Good times, indeed!

P.S.  I inconveniently forgot my camera at home that night (boo), so I had to steal these pictures from Jackie and Diana's facebook. 

P.S.S.  My hair was still wet (had to shower before going out), so don't mind the mess. LOL!

Mussels! (Looked better than it tasted)

Pizza! Serina said it smelled like armpits, but it tasted good to me! I like armpits. LOL

LADIES!! (I hope that is not a pee stain on the ground. Gross)
Jager Bomb! Oh man... makes me feel YOUNG again!
Uh oh... here we go!

They were runnin' LA... in Huntington Beach! LOL
Happy Birthday, Sissy! I love you so badddddddd! XOXO

EDIT: Here are the videos on the audio (does that make sense?).  Puahhahahah!  If I need a good laugh, I just replay this and relive that night.  Please don't mind us and if you are not going to appreciate our singing talents (hahaha), just skip it and don't watch altogether.  Cool?  Oh man... good times!






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