October 16, 2010

Brushes? CHECK! ... Beautiful Models? CHECK!

I am up early this morning getting my makeup kit together and just finished cleaning my makeup brushes.  (Some of these brushes I've had since 2004, I've realized, and I still use it ALL the time.  LOVE IT!)  My call time is at noon, so hopefully these bad boys will dry by then.  I should have done this since last night, but I decided to hang out with a few of the girls last night instead since I haven't done so in nearly a month since I've been sick.  I needed some girls' time and I had a blast... as I always do!  :)

I should finish getting ready, but I just had to come here and express my excitement.  Let me see if this better explains it:  I am sooooooooooooo exciiiiiiiiiitedddddddddddddddd!!

Okay all done!  LOL.

Let me share pictures of two of my models during my last photoshoot.  I added their pictures to my website at thydalim.com but am still trying to find a better way to make my portfolio more organized and run smoothly.  Anyone wanna lend a helping hand?  Oh well, I will worry about that later because I have a gig today, one next Friday, a beauty event next Saturday, and another makeup gig next Sunday!  Whoot whoot... I love LA Fashion Week!

Anyway, here are the pretty models I mentioned before:

I will write more about their looks on my makeup artistry blog,  thydalim.blogspot.com a little bit later when I have more time... but don't forget to subscribe to that if you haven't already.

I am still looking to do more high fashion, editorial, and beauty shots so that I can add them to my portfolio, so if you have any ideas, just shoot them my way and I'd greatly appreciate it.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and please... wish me luck in all this.


Starving Artist


  1. Hi Thyda
    You recently entered my giveaway and you've won the 5th prize. I've sent you an email but you have not replied yet. Please reply asap otherwise i will have to draw another number at random for prize 5

  2. Hi! Found your blog via Beautylish's blog thread; I love it! The makeup on the models above is GORGEOUS!!!!! See ya here and on Beautylish's site! :-)