October 15, 2010

Quick Update!


So yesterday, I picked up some pictures from a past photoshoot (not of me... yeah right! HA!).  I am so excited to share them with anyone who is curious.  They are just headshots again.  I am looking to do more editorial or beauty shots so that it would showcase more of my makeup artistry skills, but its been difficult to schedule something and to find the right photographers and models to work with me on those.  Its still in progress, but if you know of any editorial or beauty photographers in the LA area... AND models, please send them my way.  Also looking to find a muse or two to be the face of my work.  Interested and in the area?  Let me know!

Currently working on my website.  Its times like these when I wish I had more/better skills with web design and anything along those lines.  My website currently sucks and the one I am working on is not all that much better, but I like it just a tad bit more.  Hopefully I will get it up by today.  I am still frustrated with how I should structure my portfolio.  Any suggestions?  Anyone wanna lend a helping hand?  Pleeeeease?

Guess what!  I have another makeup gig next weekend and tomorrow, I will be helping with makeup for

I'm not exactly the key makeup artist, but I will be assisting her.  I am so excited just to see how this works and also gain the experience to work on a project like this.  I will try my best to take as many pictures as I can.  Its so hard to do so when you are running around like crazy at a busy production, but I promise to try my best.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend also! 


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