July 14, 2010

The City - Season Finale Viewing Party

What an AMAZING night it was!

For the past 6 years, I thought I gained a few new friends.  Lauren (LC), Audrina, Lo, Whitney, and even Heidi, at times!  (Though if I was Heidi's friend, there would have been a few times where I might have accidentally slapped her)  I believed that they were a part of my life or something because I thought that I knew them so well.  There were times when I felt like I could relate to each girl, and there were also times when I shed a few tears and my heart ached for them.  If you followed these folks from the beginning (Laguna Beach days), then you probably know how I feel.

My heart sort of broke last night.  The Hills was saying goodbye forever.  This was a little bittersweet for me because though I love The Hills, it just wasn't the same without Lauren Conrad (LC).  Yes, everyone loves a little bit of drama, and Kristin Cavallari was just that... a walking stick of drama.  I liked her more in Laguna Beach and in my opinion, she wasn't able to fill Lauren's shoes.  Yes, it was great that she could speak her mind and do whatever she wants, but its a bit much when she is bullying people.  I hate the fact that she doesn't really take other people's feelings into consideration and its all about HER, her, her, and HERRRR!  Lauren, now THAT is a good friend to have.  She cares about you and if you followed the series, "The Hills", then you would see that she often cared a bit too much.  She and I are so much alike in this aspect.  How can one claim to be a "friend" when they really don't care about you?  I cannot be a friend who does not care, so I'd rather not be your friend if you don't want to care.  You know what I mean?  I can go on and on forever talking about The Hills and The City because as I said, I feel like they are a part of my life.  HAHA... a few of my friends back at home understand where I am coming from on this one. 

Anyway, I was honored when I was contacted a few weeks ago asking if I was interested in hosting a finale viewing party.  I was going to watch the show regardless, but to have a viewing party?  I've never done such thing but since I love the show and I love to host parties and get-togethers, then WHY NOT?  I was on vacation in Miami for a week and was not able to retrieve the package that was sent to me to host the party.  My Husband told me that he received it a few days earlier, but he did not open it up.  I got home the night before the finale and was VERY pleased to find the goodies that they had sent me to share with my guests at my viewing party.  The fact that I moved to this newer state not too long ago, my fellow The Hills fanatics who I have had hour long conversations about the show with were too far away to attend.  It being a last minute gathering, I decided to invite my close group of friends to the viewing party.  A few of them weren't really into the show or never even gave it a chance... THEY WERE MISSING OUT! 

Since The Hills was playing all day, I decided to invite them over way earlier than the actual premier of The Hills series finale and The City season finale just to watch the reruns and give them a glimpse of what the mini revolution was.  A couple of them have been following the show and knew what it was all about... yay!  I know that most guys would not admit that they like the show, but I know my friends and I knew that some of the guys were at first obliged to watch the show with their significant others (like my Husband), but they grew to like the show.  My Husband is probably going to kill me for telling the world this, but he also enjoys the show and almost always stays up to watch it with me on Tuesday nights.  There are nights when I fall asleep and he watches it, then summarizes the parts that I missed for me before I watch a rerun of it.  I was not going to kick him out of the house when he wants to watch the show too, so I decided to invite our group of friends who we thought would enjoy the viewing with us.  :)

We ended up having 14 people over at our small place, but with only 6 gift bags to give away with goodies (such as my newly beloved MyZeno Hot Spot), I only gave those away to the girls (and kept one for myself, of course).


Along with the hot spot, the bag was full of Whitney Port's favorite things such as Havaianas flip flops (which are THE best rubber sandals in the world), her favorite moisturizer, lip balm, mascara, chips, and even gum!  LOL!  They also provided party ware (cups, plates, napkins) for a party of six.  Of course, I had to pick up more things since my party was slightly bigger than 6, I had to pick up a few more things... which was fine by me!  Since I didn't have too much time to prepare food myself (post vacation), I decided to pick up a HUGE amount of pizza and junk food for my guests to enjoy during the show.

Food Galore! Was hoping this would feed all of us... and it did! :D

Perfect solution because everyone loves junk food and it was quick and easy and great to cause food coma so the next thing my guests would do is flop down on my huge sofas and enjoy the show.  Plan worked out perfectly!  :D
We HAD to have tons of dessert!

Yummm!  Thanks for the pretty colorful plates... worked perfectly for dessert!

It being a Tuesday night and most had to work early the next  morning, they were still great sports and stuck around and waited for the premier.  We were a bit behind since we live in the west and had to wait until 10:30pm Pacific Time to wrap it up with the season finale of The City.  Needless to say, they all got really into the show and the ones that didn't watch the show before are now hooked on it and regret that they didn't follow with it before.  I have a feeling that some of them might pick up the DVDs to catch up on it. 

I made sure to block the doorway so they wouldn't ditch me! :D

As you can see in the pictures shown, most of my guests were guys.  I guess my master plan worked and converted a few The Hills/The City virgins into curious addicts now.  YESSSS!

MyZeno HotSpots!!

Each one of the girls' at the party brought their boyfriend/Husband and each couple went home with a Hot Spot.  We got a little excited whenever we saw Whitney on the My Zeno commercial and they cannot wait to try it.  I look forward to trying it myself and see how my guests liked theirs!  I love experiments!

I must admit that I wasn't crazy about how The Hills ended.  Oh well... I follow all of them on Twitter so I will still somewhat know whats going on with them.  Bittersweet.

Intensely watching and loving the show... is he tweeting about it?

 Oh man... savoring the last moments of it while we can.

The guys were a bit upset they didn't score a Zeno... so they had to drink their sorrows away.  No worries, they brought the wine and they are all of age.  I did an I.D. check! ;)

Now for The City?  Gosh... I love this show!  Not only do I love it for the fashion (duh!) but I loved watching Whitney Eve grow up and venture off to a whole new world (it seems that way).  I learned that there are bound to be a few failures here and there and we can never avoid the dreaded disappointment feeling(s) forever, but she keeps picking herself up and getting back on her feet.  Very admirable, if you ask me.  I once upon a time liked Olivia, only for her looks.  Now, seeing how much of a mean, rude, and snobby person she can be, she is my least favorite in the show.  I love Erin because she is honest with how she feels and I understand how she feels about Olivia, but I just want to tell her to give it up.  Yes, Olivia was a mean girl to her and she deserves to get slapped, but Erin should just spend less time trying to take Olivia off her pedestal and focus on her job.  i know that Olivia is affecting her work, but still... there is bound to be someone that you bump heads with at work and you just want to slap them.  But come on, Erin... you are not the bad guy here, but your constant attempts of sabotaging Olivia is making you look like a jealous little devil.  We know that you aren't so just stop.  I wasn't a fan of Roxy at first and felt like she was only using Whitney.  I also thought that she was a bad friend AND employee and would never hire her.  Later on in this season though, I can see that she was loyal to Whitney and really worked hard to support Whitney.  I was pretty upset to see that she was getting so much blame for the things that went wrong and were beyond her control.  Some of the things that were said to her were unnecessary and hurtful... and I just wanted to give Roxy a hug.  I like her... and I think that she is a pretty girl.  I know that Whitney was just under stress and took it out on someone who is closest to her, which is Roxy.  Whitney needs to be careful though because from what I see now, she is burning a few bridges with people who were there for her most.  Shocked to see Kelly somewhat yell at Whitney this episode because I thought that day would never come.  I thought that Whitney could do no wrong in Kelly's eyes.  I can see that Kelly is hurt and feels like she is being betrayed, but if she means well for Whitney, she would wish her well and continue to support her in whichever path she decides to take.  Kelly wants the best for Whitney, I believe... she was the one who got her the job at DVF in the first place.  Whitney was the one who came back to Kelly when that didn't work out and Kelly happily took her back under her wings with open arms (can someone have wings and arms?  oh well).  Kelly was probably more upset about how the situation was falsely told... that Whitney had fired Kelly.  Whitney was in no position to "fire" Kelly since Kelly wasn't exactly getting paid nor was she working for Whitney.  In fact, she was helping Whitney.  A slap in the face, I tell you.  I also believe that Whitney was a little bit out of line and should show more appreciation and gratitude to Kelly... and Roxy.

I'm so glad that The City will be returning next season.  I can't wait!  I am glad that this show is not all about drama with boys and relationships (like how The Hills turned out to be), but more about trying to make it and following your dreams and more career oriented.  I find it often inspiring and after each show, I tell myself, "I want to get a job like that".  One day, I will... I hope. 

Thank you Whitney Port (I still love and admire you even after how I said I feel about you this season), Alison Brod PR for trusting me to host this party and MyZeno for the fun goodies.  I plan to hold more events like this because it was SO much fun.  Thank you, thank you, and thanks again!  Until next season!  :)

 Review for this bad boy soon to come!  

P.S. I was trying to tweet during the show, but it was pretty intense and with my guests there, we couldn't help but try to discuss the happenings of the show.  Check out my tweets anyway:  twitter.com/thyda

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  1. Looks like it was a blast! Thanks for doing such a great job with the party, we're so glad you enjoyed it. Plus the details in this post we're great-- we feel like we were there too :-)!

  2. Thank YOU for the fabulous opportunity and the goodies. My friends and I enjoyed it and can't wait to put My Zeno to use. I've never wanted a pimple so badly in my life! This is insane. :D

  3. Thanks for having us over Thyda! it was a blast! Also thanks to Alison Brod!

  4. It was awesome indeed! Good job on hosting the party Thyda! We can't wait until the next one.

  5. I'm glad you guys had fun and sorry about it being so last minute since I was out of town and got back in the night prior. Even so, it was a lot of fun and I guess throwing a party is in my nature? HAHA jk... now my FB friends are asking me how the Zeno Hot Spot worked and so I was hoping for a pimple... now I am blessed with four. Lets just say that I am making room for the Zeno Hot Spot in all of my purses... everyday!

  6. I used to watch the Hills all the time. And I'd die to watch The City if only to stare at Olivia's clothing.

    All of them seemed to me to be awful people, with the occasional exception of Audrina and Lauren when I did watch Seasons 1-3 of the Hills. They all just seem so self-involved, whiny and fucking selfish with no regard to the city around them or even the country whom they are influencing with their petty rivalries and needs.

    But then again, they are so damn entertaining.

    Makes me also feel like, hey, I'm actually quite smart, and 2., I'm not quite such an awful person, am i? LOL.

    This party sounds so fun. Wish I could've been.

    Mae Lu, thereafterish.