July 1, 2010

The Twilight Saga - Eclipse

There is no way that I would wait in line for over an hour to watch a movie.  I don't care how much I have anticipated something, there is just NO way.  WHY would people do that when they can just see it the following day without the hassle and the wait?  Might as well go to bed and be well rested and refreshed to enjoy the movie, right?  I don't think I would ever understand why people do the things that they do... for The Twilight Saga. 

My friends and I read the books about two years ago before the movies were out and before the big hype.  I admit... I loved the books and was really looking forward to the movie, but not to the point where I would even consider standing in line for over half an hour for.  Maybe I am just impatient?  Or maybe I am not THAT passionate about it?  The story line is great and the books were well written... and that is why I like the saga.  But come on... what is up with all the overhype?  Seeing all these crazy "fans" going overboard for it just pushes me further away from it.

Let me just say... Robert Pattinson is NOT the sexiest man alive.  Edward was so much hotter in my mind and imagination.  I think the actor kind of ruined it for me.  Sorry Rob, I know I am not a very pretty girl either so I have no room to judge or criticize anyone of their looks, but I don't think these new "fans" understand why Edward is so "HOT".  If I was to see the movie before I read the book, I wouldn't be so attracted to the Edward that lived in the book.  Looks are subjective... I know, I know... but in my opinion, uhhh... NO.

Kristen Stewart is not fit to be Bella.  Are you joking me?  And to top it off, she is a horrible and stiff actress.  She really lucked out when she got casted for this role (how? I don't know).  Now that she had made it as an A-list star, you would think that she would clean it up a bit and be more presentable, right?  Wrong again.  Kristen, you are a very lucky girl... VERY lucky.

Taylor Laughtner... I am not crazy about his looks, but I admit that he is what I had pictured him to be.  He is very fit for the role, and he is a true star... the best actor of the three.  I can see him going beyond his 'Jacob' role.  (And I am not only saying this because he is attractive... as I said, I am not too crazy about his looks)

"Eclipse" was probably my favorite book out of the four.  Like the two earlier movies though, I was disappointed.  I guess you can never expect movies to be exactly like books (which is unfortunate),  but I really had higher expectations because the director was apparently the better one of the three.  Don't get me wrong, I think that the quality and pictures are better than both "Twilight" and "New Moon", but it just didn't meet my expectations.  There were details that were left out in the movie... and from what I can remember of the book, a few minor changes and additions.  Maybe I should reread the book to confirm, but from what I remember, a few slight changes. 

I was disappointed with the scene that I was anticipating most... the camping scene!  This might be a bit too much information, but reading those parts in the book kind of turned me on!  Too bad they cut that part short in the movie, but it was definitely an entertaining part of the movie. 

I won't get into details about it because I know that a lot of people still haven't seen it.  Yesterday, Sam had the day off and we were both up pretty early and decided to make it to the first showing at 10am because we didn't want to run into the teenage rush in the evening and paying less for the early bird showing is always a major plus.  I was terrified when I saw a group of about twenty 6 or 7 year olds waiting in line.  Little did I know that they were the least of my worries.  Sam and I got great seats, but as the theater filled, I had to move my bag off the seat next to me for a girl to sit down with her friends next to her in the other three seats.  Oh well... not a big deal, right?  WRONG... it IS a big deal when the girl is talking throughout the movie.  Not only to her friends who were there with her, but she was on the phone and had a good ten minute conversation with someone on the other end of the line.  Really?  Then, imagine her screaming obnoxiously and obviously for attention every time a wolf came on the screen.  And yes, there were wolves about every 5 minutes of the two hours.  I guess she didn't see the two movies prior because she sat there asking her friend who was who and what and why things were happening.  My goodness... have some courtesy for others in the theater who paid their money and wanted to enjoy a show.  She also had her cell phone out the entire time and was texting... and when she missed a part, she would ask her friend, "what happened?".  LOOK B*TCH... pay attention to the movie and you wouldn't have to ask that!!!  I was so irritated.  I know anyone who hears this or is reading this is wondering why I didn't say anything.  Well, I am a chicken.  She was a lot bigger than I am and I overheard her saying some stuff about beating someone before the movie started.  I was scared.  I wish I had some balls to tell her off, but I didn't.  Easier said than done... and I would like to go to Miami next week with all of my teeth and without a blue/black ring around my eye.
Thanks to her though, I will probably have to see the movie again... perhaps on DVD.

Who else had read the book and/or seen the movie?  What do you think?

Also... have you ever experienced anything like what I did at the theater?  How do you deal with it?


  1. Sadly enough I got an Edward doll as a present for my birthday. First I dont think Rob is cute in any way, just EDWARD. I love the movies but like you said I would never stand in line for an hour for a movie that will be there waiting the following week when its not so crowded and have to sit with teeny boppers through out the whole movie. And Kristen is a horrible actor in movies and in real life haha. Great post!!

  2. Hehe thanks!! Glad someone out there agrees with me! :D