August 30, 2010

I made it all up!

What a fun weekend, it was for me!

Being jet lagged (still), it was hard to get up early in the mornings since I've been back from Hawaii.  BUT... I did it anyway!

On Saturday, I had a small makeup gig.  My model really looked like Lucy Liu!  Very pretty and sweet lady... and we got to know each other so well (a little bit more than we had to... oops! haha) over the short amount of time that we spent together.  I love meeting and working with different people. :)

Sunday morning, I left the house by 5:45am to make it to an all day event in Beverly Hills.  Looking back at my sheet now, I did makeup and hair for a total of 13 people from 7am-3pm.  Not bad, right?  I am actually really proud of myself, considering the amount of time I was given and hearing the feedback from my work.  Most of all, I am so grateful for all the things that I learned from the other Makeup Artists that I worked with.  (THANK YOU!)  I am looking forward to the next project working with this company and artists... and working with new models and photographers.  I cannot wait to get the photos to add them to my portfolio that I am currently rebuilding.

This weekend... was all MADE UP!  (get it?  hehehe)


  1. PROUD OF YOU, Thydz!!! That is a LONG day of makeup. I'm so happy you were able to do it and get so many people to work on and add to your portfolio.

    I hope this is only the first of many, many more.

    Loving makeup. Sheesh. Is it fun to work with it every day?

    Mae Lu, thereafterish.

  2. Thanks Mae! This actually wasn't my first makeup gig, but it had been awhile.

    I don't work with it everyday... but I don't think I would mind either. I am so A.D.D. that I want to work with about a million things everyday. Ahhh... help me!

    By the way... I am about a year behind on reading blogs. I've been hiding from my Google Reader for awhile, but I do miss yours! :)