August 8, 2010

A "LONG" Day!

Things are just starting to SLOW DOWN, so I have a few minutes to reminisce and share the memories of a lovely day with you all.

Durand happens to be Sam's best friend... in fact, he was his best man!  I met him and Lily for the first time over four years ago when Sam and I first got together.  I knew right away that these two were the perfect couple and were meant to be together.  I was right!  ;)  These two have been a few of the closest group of friends I've made since I've moved down here to California.  I can honestly say that if I needed someone to hug or talk to about anything, I can always count on Lily... and Durand too (for the non girly stuff).  Anyway, they are awesome people and such great friends to have.  Sam and I couldn't be happier for this beautiful couple... we were waiting for a LONG time for that day!

Their wedding was a beautiful one... one that I wish I can relive and make it last longer because I was having a blast!!  Below are some of the pictures from the traditional Cambodian ceremony followed by the awesome reception.  Enjoy!

On our way!  (I was broadcasting live from my phone)

Had to pose at 7am in front of the house before the ceremony! ;)

Blessing the lovely couple!
(why is my face so wide? haha... just got done eating, I guess)


This is HOTT!  Love them!

My California Family of Friends - LOVE these people to death!

The girlies and my sweet Mother in Law!  :)

The newlyweds and their sea of faces of their friends!  Cool picture!

 The Long's, The Lok's, and The Lim's... I meant Sim's!  :P

Our good friend Mikal of Lok In The Moment (LOKITM Photography) did a BEAUTIFUL job on the pictures.  View more of the "Long" wedding here:  Lily & Durand Long Wedding


  1. Everyone is so damn beautiful. The Bride, your friends, YOU!

    Le Sigh.

    Mae Lu, thereafterish.

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