April 27, 2011

How long does liposuction take?

No seriously... I really want to know:
  • How long does liposuction take?
  • How much does liposuction cost?
  • How long will it take to recover?
Liposuction seems to be my only resort.  I can't seem to stop gaining weight!  And no, I am not pregnant.  I sometimes wish that I was... one of the many many reasons is that I can blame the weight gain on pregnancy.  Of course, it would be stupid to try to get pregnant for that reason alone!  I have many other reasons to want to get pregnant, but that is another post of its own.

This is real talk here... I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT!  Not purely for vanity reasons, but also because I want to be a healthier person in general.  Okay fine, I partly want to lose weight in vain because I do want to look and feel better in my clothes and I want my confidence level to be back to where it was once upon a time.  Ugh... there... I said it!

I've always dreamt that there is a magic pill out there that will make you lose weight without having to diet and excercise.  Stupid, I know.  Lazy, indeed.  I've spent money on all sorts of pills and let me just tell you... nothing really works!  In fact, the past month or two, I have been taking these pills that swore to make you lose weight by suppressing your appetite and make you burn more calories by doing nothing.  I've read great reviews and wanted to try (do you blame me?).  The funny thing is that the pill made me more hungry!  I used to not be hungry until 11am (skipping breakfast doesn't help, I know) but on that "magic pill", I was hungry by 7am!  Crazy, right?  I gave it a go for a few weeks and I kid you not... I gained about 10 pounds in two weeks!  I gained even more weight after that, but I was afraid of the scale.  I can feel it in my body and my clothes that I got bigger even after that.

WTF!  Shoot me now!

So from this day forward, I vow to work on my health and my fitness.  No shortcuts (if there is such thing).  No attempts at shortcuts.  (So yeah... disregard the original questions in this post)  I will work hard to get to where I want to be!

Lets do this!!


  1. Y'know, it's been statistically proven that men and women tend to gain more weight after they get married. Seriously.

    "Many married and single people in their late teens and early 20s gain a significant amount of weight — an average of 15 to 30 pounds — over five years. But newly married men and women in that age group gain 6 to 9 pounds more than their peers who are single and dating."



  2. I know how you feel Thyda. There's no shortcut in life. Diet and excerise is the ONLY way to go. I am constantly trying to control my weight too.