April 12, 2011

Just a peep!

I suck at keeping my word about blogging lately.  I mean... I really really suck.

SO much has happened... ugh!

First thing's first - We did not get the house that we had wanted... it was the seller's fault.  I don't want to get into it again because it will only make me more angry than I have already been the past few weeks.  Can you imagine?  We put in our notice at our apartment, packed up most of our stuff and moved it to my in law's for storage, ready to move on out.  We were just about to be on our way to wire the funds over and get our keys within the following two days but our lender and our agent told us to hold off because there were some issues with the sellers side.  Lets just say that fraudulent paperwork is a big NO NO and we could really take legal actions if we wanted to, but I did some research on my own and found that these "investors" already have a lot coming their way... its going to bite them in the ass.  So basically, we are back at square one with our house hunting.  They are so lucky that we were able to keep our apartment (even after putting in notice), or else it would NOT be pretty.  I really don't want to deal with such people or shall I say, "professionals" anymore.  I'll take it as a blessing in disguise though.  We'll see where it goes from here.

I love my new job and have been here for over two months now.  I'm still a newbie and still learning but I am feeling challenged and I love that!  The location couldn't work out more perfectly for me.  :D

On another note, Happy Khmer New Year!!

I'll be back later with more.  Keeping my word this time!  Toodle loo!


  1. Dang, that sucks. But @ least you've got to keep your apartment, that would have worse.

  2. Yeah... I would have raised hell, for sure!