June 13, 2011

Weekend, I LOVE YOU!

I love my weekends and lately, these two days are more precious than ever. Unfortunately, the time just speeds on by and it is wayyyyyy too short for me. I really think that weekends should be three days long. How are you supposed to work hard and play even harder when play time is less than half the time as work time? Hmph!

This past weekend was my ideal kind of weekend with the exception that it was far too short and I still need another day to catch up with the things that I need to in my personal life.

Saturday was spent with my Husband. I woke up pretty early and hit the gym by myself as I left my Husband alone to sleep in (he loves that). I came home in time to have lunch with him. After lunch, we went and treated ourselves to hour long full body massages. We both really needed it. I even fell asleep on the massage chair and caught myself snoring a few times! It was amazing. It hurt, but it hurt in a good way and I can’t wait to do it all over again! Then, we went grocery shopping (I love grocery shopping). We came home and relaxed for a bit before he cooked me a yummy crab dinner. The sauce that he made was SOOOOOO good. I really think that we should put a patent on it because it was THAT tasty! Men that can cook are so sexy… and I am pretty lucky! We rented a movie but after ONE margarita after dinner, I knocked out 10 minutes into the movie. We’re going to have to see it another time. LOL!

Sunday, I woke up to my girlfriend’s text and hit the gym… AGAIN! I’m on a roll, right? Let’s see how long I can keep this up! After an hour there, I came home and got ready for my day after I made a wonton and egg noodle soup for Hubby. Then, it was fun day with the girls! Brought one of them to the eyebrow threading salon I went to the other week and watched her struggle in the chair. LOL… poor girl, but it was a sight to see and the results are gorgeous! We headed up to LA for the Thread Show that I was invited to attend with a guest, but I brought TWO guests! Oops! It’s okay… the more the merrier! It was my first time at one of these shows and it was interesting and quite the experience. Since we were in LA, we decided to do some shopping (of course) instead of hiking… oops! Hey… shopping is definitely a work out… especially when you’re carrying a few bags! Drained, we decided to stop by this ramen place in LA. Daikokuya - With over 2,500 good reviews on Yelp, we couldn’t pass it up. I admit though… I’m not a big fan of ramen so I didn’t really know how to rate it. For a small place though, it was getting a lot of traffic and the people who like ramen think it’s great so it must be, right? A great day with the girls, but the day was too short. We didn’t even get to go to Sephora or Nordstrom like we had planned because it closed early. There’s always next weekend, right? Have a few trips planned as well, so I’m excited! I love girls’ time… especially with the kind of girlfriends that you can talk to about ANYTHING! I love seeing my friends happy… it makes me happy.

Came home to see that the Mavs beat the Heat in the finals. I don’t really care for basketball, but I just know that I don’t like LeBron James and his attitude. He just seems SO rude in all of the games I’ve ever seen him play in. Ugh… glad the Mavs won the championship! I actually got teary eyed! HAHA!

I wish the weekend included Monday so that I can spend all day today cleaning and relaxing on my couch, cuddling a book. Until I can have my three day weekends, I think I am going to have to squeeze that in on my weekdays. Eeeps!

So… anyone want to share their weekends with me?

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